Large Town
- Population; Approximately 7,837

Limestone, the eastern most town on Noma. Situated on the coast, Limestone is the center of trade, export and farming in the region. Watched over by the regional military barracks that sits on a hill overlooking the town. Limestone is so called for the large stone quarries located to the north that supply a majority of heavy building materials for the rest of Noma.

Limestone is also a medium sized port, often playing host to rogue traders who sail into the far east and any captains crazy enough to enter Devinter territory. There is no shortage of travelers that pass through the area and often people disembark covertly in Limestone where the harbourmasters are lax with their duty.

However, to the further north are areas avoided by most people. The foothills are patrolled by orcs and sometimes sightings of the Frost Dragon have been reported. By sea and to the North-East sits the Spire. A large vertical mountain range that ships avoid as it has claimed the lives and vessels of many an expedition.

Notable Taverns and Places of Interest
- The Club and Cauldron Tavern
- The Duke’s Club Tavern
- Limestone Regional Garrison
- Limestone Quarries

Prominent Figures
- Jarvis / Mayor
- Whiatt Earl / Noma Regional Military commander
- Alberto / Owner – Operator The Club and Cauldron
- Jude / Bartender – The Duke’s Club
- Pico / Town guard captain


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