Kasos Stromkirk

Lord of House Stromkirk


Name: Kasos Stromkirk
Race: Human
Age: 46

Height: 6’1
Weight: 96Kg’s

Eyes: Dull Green
Hair: Bald, Dark Beard
Notable Features: None

Equipment / Clothing / Armour

Kasos is the commander of the Noma Military as well as the Lord of the House of Stromkirk. As befitting his role as a Noble Lord Kasos has a large wardrobe of expensive silks, velvet’s and leathers. For combat, or even for ceremonious events, Kasos dons a suit of enchanted armour that is covered in the emblems and sigils of House Stromkirk. An artifact that has been passed down to the firstborn son.

In addition to this, the rank of commander comes with an ornate blade. Named the Star Dragon Sword, this blade is supposably forged from a fallen star and on the pommel is a large fire opal that according to legend contains magical powers.


Kasos Stromkirk. Lord of House Stromkirk and commander of the Noma military. As the first born of the family Stromkirk, Kasos was destined to become the leader of the army and because of this he has become somewhat arrogant and confident in his own power. While well trained in swordplay, Kasos cannot compete with the best.

Because of his position as the commander of the military, Kasos also believes it is his right to command the knights from other houses. This often causes conflict with the other houses as they deem themselves separate entities from the army.

Kasos is also regarded as tactically incompetent by most of his peers, even though it would never be said to his face, some even believe that it was because of his poor planning that the Devinter Imperium was able to take the area around Pentaglow so easily.

Kasos Stromkirk

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