Gard Valkir

A spear weilding whirlwind


Name: Gard Valkir
Race: Aasimar
Age: 26

Height: 6’5
Weight: 70Kg’s

Eyes: Pastel White
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Notable Features: Gard has an unnerving aura for those of evil alignment


Gard Valkir, the fourth member of the Slayers, is a surprisingly strong woman. Possessed of a singular purpose, to root out evil and destroy it.

Gard knew from a young age that she was different than the other children. She could sense and discern the motives of the adults around her and would often speak them out and cause trouble.

Gard matured quickly as a result of her parentage and by the age of fourteen had the appearance of that on a twenty-one year old. Because of this, she was targeted often by men as an easy target. However, again due to her genetics, she would always make them regret their advances.

At the age of eighteen, Gard fled from her home under the cover of darkness. From there she traveled extensively until she was discovered by Turael from the adventurers guild and he took her in and helped to hone and develop her skills. Not long after this Cyrus Guardia formed The Slayers and he was apporached by Turael to allow Gard to join in order to both further her own abilities, but also to learn to trust others more.

Gard Valkir

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