Noma Campaign

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The party finds themselves facing one of the forts that had previously been held by the Orc Warlord Klaw. Accompanying them, Warchief Gilbert and fifteen of the northern Barbarans.

Moving cautiously towards the fort, they find the fortifications rebuilt and sturdy and order the Barbarans to chop it down who complete the job quickly. As they enter the courtyard they see the fortress itself carved from the Rock and two freestanding double level buildings. They split up and each take a building to clear. The party takes the right hand building and discover Orc warriors inside. This is followed shortly by Liliandra casting a flame strike that ignites the whole building.

Declaring both structures clear, they move into the main fort and after a quick half cut proceed to rip the door off its hinges and gain entry. From there they carefully explore the fort and eventually come across a large Orc missing his left eye and brandishing a battle-axe. Aseria, having had enough of the run around casts a spell that causes the Orc to die from fear.

The party finds themselves on the lower floor of one of Klaw’s two fortress’ standing at the base of a staircase leading up, a metal door to their left and a corridor leading away with a black curtain preventing further view. The sound of conversation coming from behind the door, whereas down the corridor a faint manic laughter. The Halfling Tiny Rock decides to sneak up to the curtain and discreetly check behind it. As he sticks his head inside, he witnesses a powerfully built person sitting cross-legged inside a rune written circle glowing faintly red. Withdrawing slowly, Rick tells the rest about what he saw. A plan is formulated and action takes place. Fenris uses his abilities to push the curtain aside, this is followed by Aseria lobbing a fireball into the room along with Rick tossing a Tanglefoot bag.

The blast from the fireball explodes and engulfs the room and dissipates as quickly as it appeared leaving singe marks over the humanoid however the Tanglefoot bag seems to bounce off an invisible wall of force. As this happens, the humanoid stands up to reveal itself as a well muscular woman, more handsome than beautiful. She cracks her knuckles and rolls her shoulders and proceeds to charge the group and kicks Rick solidly. A full blown melee erupts and ends with the woman disappearing suddenly. After the battle, Rick walks through the curtain in the corridor and is kicked in the face again, yet manages to stand his ground and the bloody fight continues until they finally manage to kill the woman.

Following the battle, the party eavesdrop on the metal door and hear a conversation and what appears to be a scuffle. After gaining entry to the room, they find a severely wounded Klaw gurgling on his own blood. Taking the opportunity, Fenris removes the metal pincer from the large orc and proceed to violate the dead warlord. As this is happening, Gilbert enters the room to witness the dead orc. Gilbert says that every area seems to be cleared and he plans to return to Astin Springs. Picking up the three bodies they deemed important for transit.

Arriving back in Astin Springs, Gilbet intends to spend the night before staring back towards Kerrigan. Taking the time to rest, the party returns to the Angel’s Mug Inn. Inside they find it quite busy and are surprised to find the blue haired woman Seirra Milkain speaking to another man with a slight hunchback and a lazy eye and she was looking quite pleased. Fenris and Rick both approach her and initiate a conversation. The man introduces himself as Krin (hoot hoot) a dealer in secrets. Opting to attempt to trade with Krin, Fenris and Rick speak to him in private in his room upstairs. The conversation goes bad and Krin finds himself on the receiving end of Rick’s knife and goes down. Now they find themselves in possession of a body. Help comes in the unlikely form of Aseria who manages to teleport the body and dumps it down river.

The next morning, the party and the remainder of the Barbarians start the journey back to Kerrigan and arrive back safely a few days later where they are welcomed by Firion as heroes and Fenris presents the Pincer of Klaw to the Barbarian king who then tells them that he plans a party to honor them

The group awakes in the northern barbarian camp of Kerrigan after a night of revelry. They then make plans to depart back to Noma bearing the bodies of both Cid and Ridley. Leaving quickly, they make the return trip without issue and make their way to the town guard chapterhouse and deliver the cadavers of the former clerics to Humphrey who looks over them oddly.

From there, the party returns to the Green Dragon Tavern and are surprised to find Veldrane in attendance and having a discussion with both Jimmy the Hand and Sasban. As soon as he notices the group, he calls them over to discuss business further. Lord Sengir tells them that he has called a War Council in two weeks and that the mission he had given them months prior needs to be finished up within that time. Veldrane also says that he will task another group to help them. That group being The Four Seasons. With a new time limit set, they wait for the Halfling Miklotov to return to the Green Dragon and on his arrival they jump him and attempt to put him into custody. Seeing this Grenseal chastises the group for their conduct and questions their motives and a heated conversation happens between Grenseal and Fenris. They succeed and turn Miklotov over to the town guard.

A plan is formulated, The Four Seasons would travel north to Kerrigan and then onto Corran Pass whilst the party travels west to Limestone. Acting on this plan, the two groups split and set out.

Arriving in the Limstone region, the party presents themselves to Regional Commander Whiatt and inform him of their intentions. Upon seeing the Order of Sengir he accepts them back into Limestone and the party travels into the township and start asking about the two clerics supposedly in town. It doesn’t take long for the group to discover the location. That of a tavern known as the Dukes Club.

Arriving late at the Dukes Club, they find the tavern busy and discover the two female clerics drinking by themselves. Purchasing another bottle filled of spirits, both Rick and Fenris approach them leaving Haldir, Liliandra and Aseria by the bar where Aseria decides to partake of the Dukes Club’s particular delicacies x2.

Fenris and Rick however decide to turn the charm on, and while Rick strikes out, Fenris is successful in flirting and the four of them retire upstairs where after significantly more alcohol, they manage to get the Shackles of Akkos onto the clerics who start to cause a ruckus. Silencing the two women, they make a plan to Dimension door them out a plan requiring the presence of Aseria.

The plan works splendidly, and the party beats a hasty retreat from Limestone back to Noma where they once again hand over the clerics to Humphrey. They return to the Green Dragon Tavern where they find The Four Seasons waiting for them. When quizzed about the tasks set for them, they reply that they did what was requested and brought back the two clerics by any means necessary

The Party picks back up in the city of Noma, awaiting the commencing of Lord Sengir’s war council. While they waste time just waiting around, purchasing various items and relaxing. As the day draws nearer, they find themselves waiting around the taproom of the Green Dragon Tavern when the town guard captain Humphrey walks in with an odd look on his face. He speaks with Sasban quickly and then hurries into the back room to speak with both Grenseal and Turael. Not long after this, Humphrey returns to the main room and asks the party to the guild room to discuss something.

When they all gather inside the guild room, Humphrey, in a roundabout way, alleges that he believes the party may be guilty of breaking the law. While he understands that the group may have been working on behalf of Lord Sengir, Veldrane is not above the law and Humphrey intends to get to get to the bottom of it. He also goes on to mention the oddity of the two bodies he possesses as well as the behaviour of the Four Seasons who say they were operating under orders from the party. Taking his leave, Humphrey says that he will be following up on this at a later date.

Momentarilly taken aback, the group return to the taproom to see Baron Luther enter dressed in his compleate black armour with the golden sun emblazoned across the chest. He has a momentary discussion with Jimmy the Hand, including a fake out handshake and fist bump. They both have a laugh about it and Luther continues through to the back room.

The following morning is the day of the war council and everyone attends. Including the three Noble house lords as well as a majority of the Adventurers Guild and surprisingly a number of other people not expected. During the council, Veldrane informs all in attendance about some new information that has come to him.

Veldrane tells the assembled people that General Teo and a majority of the third legion have been ordered to withdraw by the Empress herself and that a civil war has apparently broken out in the Devinter Imperium and the leader of the rebels is the son of Teo. After laying out some of the details, Veldrane says that Lord Kasos is organizing the operation and that all people with an opinion should speak to him over the next few weeks. From this, everyone disperces and the party returns to the Green Dragon Tavern to discuss it further.



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