Noma Campaign

Previously, on Dungeons and Dragons

Finding themselves in the manor of Baroness Carter, the party is receiving a cold shoulder from the Slayers who give them little information about their current quest. Informed simply that he will give them a lead on the following morning, Cyrus Guardia suggests they retire for the night.

The next morning the party finds the Slayers awaiting them. Cyrus tells them that he wishes for them to investigate a farmstead north-west of Dalaran. Making their way north, they discover the farmstead with little issue and ride their way into the centre. As they dismount, motion from the curtains in the main house provokes them to search it first. Splitting up, they take both doors to prevent escape.

Entering the front and back doors. The group finds the house quiet and empty. As soon as they go to enter the bedroom, a shattering of glass breaks the silence. Entering the room, they find a middle aged woman with a single dagger protruding from her chest and the window apparently smashed outwards with no tracks leading away.

As they continue to search, some of the party notice the barns fully alight and burning furiously. As soon as they exit the farmhouse, they notice the roof is starting to catch alight. Curiously, the fire burns down the six buildings and nothing else. Deciding that there is no other leads to follow, the party returns to Dalaran where they meet back up with the Slayers where Wyvern informs Cyrus of the developments

Cyrus takes Wyvern aside and tells him that the disciple they are hunting is, The Shadow Who Walks. A possessor spirit whom saps the will of anyone he comes into contact with. Known as Pezmerga’s prime disciple, he is a very dangerous foe, often taking hosts and disposing of them with little regard. Cyrus says that there is no way to destroy the Shadow Who Walks with physical means and that Luther Sengir is preparing a trap for the creature. But until the time it is ready, containment is the primary concern.

If The Shadow Who Walks is still alive and operating in Noma. What damage could it have caused already, and more importantly, why has it revealed itself now?

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The Story So Far

Previously, On Dungeons and Dragons
The Murder Machine Sasban decided to retire from actively adventuring and has taken up bartending at the Green Dragon Tavern
The Party was invited to Count Veldrane’s Mansion where they were greeted by the Head of House Vish Kelt. They were accompanied by the Second son of Crowley, Malaketh Thrann. After a slight disagreement at the gates, the party was invited inside.
Vish Kelt, who also serves Veldrane as the Scribe of Judgement, proceeded to inform the Party about the possible reanimation of the Fell God Pezmerga.
Veldrane himself spoke to the party about the seriousness of the situation and trusted the Party with tracking down the parts of Pezmerga and preventing Decon from obtaining them. Vish Kelt showed the Party the known associates of Decon from his Grimoire of Judgement.
The Party decided that their best course of action would be to seek council from the High Priest of Pelor, Baron Luther. The Baron, also known as the GodSlayer, has set up a Military encampment on the southern end of Noma. Hoping to prevent the Devinter Imperium from taking any more land into the Noma peninsula.
Speaking to the Baron, the party has been assured that Crowley’s tower is all but Impregnable. He has also discussed the location of the Legs of Pezmerga, Hidden away in a Ziggurat located in the forest to the north east.
The Ziggurat has wards placed by the High Cleric himself to prevent anyone from entering, as well as patrolled by the rangers belonging to the second Kingdom of elves and commanded by the Elf Terra Brambleford,

Previously, on Dragons and Dungeons
The Party, in the company of the High Cleric Luther, discussed the safety of the remaining parts of Pezmerga. Namely the Legs, and the Head.
Luther assured the party that Crowley’s Tower at Noma was virtually impregnable from outside forces and that the Legs resided in a forest Ziggurat in the second Elven Kingdom of Ral’endas.
The party while on route to the Forest, encountered a group of four hooded figures on the road. Leading the group, known as the Four Seasons, was the enigmatic woman Sybil. Allegedly sent my the Guild Master Turael, they refused to give ground to the party and almost came to blows. The outcome to this was the revealing of the remaining three members, all of whom were Male.
Upon arrival in the wooded realm of the Elves, the Party were eventually waylaid by a group of elven scouts led my the commander of the Guard, Terra Brambeford. After a slightly heated discussion concerning the legitimacy of their quest, Terra escorted the party to the outskirts of Ral’endas.
The Party was confined to a guardhouse whilst Terra went to commune with a third party. Upon confirmation of their identity Terra offered what help required. The Party discussed at length the path to follow next and eventually decided to check on the Ziggurat before leaving. Terra ordered a scout to show the party to the pyramid before leaving to speak to the elven leader.
The Party were led to the Ziggurat by the scout and found that all of the guardians left to defend it had been shot by several different arrows and their throats cut open. The elven scout left the party so that he could return for help.
The Party cautiously entered the top level of the Ziggurat and found the top level just the entrance. On the second level, the party found several groups of Lizardmen. All of which were dispatched with a minimum of effort.
Descending to the lowest level of the structure, the party came across a large group of well prepared Lizardmen, lead by a larger and stronger Saurus. In the following battle, The Druid Liliandra’s faithful Dire Badger companion was clubbed to death by six Lizardmen, causing her to call Lightning down, as well as Rykuro’s longtime wolf companion taking several javelin’s and falling in battle.
At the end of the fight, the party is battered and wounded. However two female voices can be heard. Chanting in a foul language……..

Previously, on Dungeons and Dragons

The party has forced their way into the forest ziggurat and fought their way too the bottom level. The fight with the lizard men and Saurus taking it’s toll on them both physically and mentally. As they take time to regroup a wave of power flows through the floor and a bright light flashes briefly. Moving towards the light, the party sees a small lake of softly illuminated water. As they approach it, a lithe figure gracefully dives into it. Looking back from the jumper position, they see a large orc and another Saurus.
Engaging the two large creatures in battle, the party is ambushed from behind by a group of orc’s and more Lizardmen. Whilst both Wyvern and Haldir fight off the two larger creatures, the rest of the party deal with the throng of enemies.

Previously, on Dungeons and Dragons

The party had tracked the legs of Pezmerga to the northern outskirts of the forests of Ras’endas. There the trail had gone cold, leaving them with little choice but to return to the Elven city.
In Ral’endas the party once again spoke to Terra Brambleford who told them that her warriors had not returned from their scouting of the hidden cave, and also that she was gathering her soldiers in order to take vengeance on one of the Lizardman encampments.
Deciding to err on the side of caution, the party decided to make haste to Noma in order to secure the last remaining part of Pezmerga. His Head.
The first night after leaving Ral’endas, on the first watch, Rykuro was accosted by the Vampire Vallic and the Horned Harbinger Melkor. They had come to parlay with the party and waiting whilst the rest of the team had awakened.
Moments after, a golden light proceeded to rip open a doorway, allowing a red cloaked humanoid creature, it’s left arm completely golden, and the Lichlord of the Fallen Barrows Nagash the Undying to come forth.
Nagash explained that the revival of Pezmerga could potentially derail his future plans and offered the assistance of his first Lieutenant Vallic Culdron in the form of a blood red ruby, that was given to Haldir.
Arriving back in Noma, the party stopped a Crowley’s tower. Lysander Thran had taken command of the defenses along with his friends Keldaran Savant and Krainia Flameshroud. The party inspected the vault where the head was and due to the security measures, deemed it sufficient.
Whilst the party promptly informed Vish Kelt of the theft of the second part. They sent a plan in motion to guard Crowley’s tower with assistance from the three noble houses. Leaving the small group of soldiers the party went back to the Green Dragon Inn for information whereas Aseria went to see Malakith for ( REDACTED )
The party as they were getting ready to leave the Green Dragon Inn, Humphrey burst in covered in blood. Rushing to Crowley’s tower, the party found the knights and soldiers dead and more terrifyingly found Lysander’s naked body crucified with Malaketh’s dagger protruding from his chest. Inside they find Krainia bleeding heavily from a head wound and Keldaran missing, allegedly in pursuit of the traitorous Malaketh.
Pursuing Malaketh and Keldaran was relatively easy as neither of them seemed to try and hide their tracks. The tracks of Malaketh oddly lengthened and never seeming to falter, both trails seemgly leading straight to Limestone and yet deviated suddenly north into the mountains. Following the tracks, the Party once again found their way into the Temple of Vile Evil

The party had found themselves at the entrance to the Temple of Evil after pursuing both Malaketh Thran and Keldaran Savant and the missing head of the Fell God, Pezmerga.
Proceeding through the first room, the party came upon a group of Orc’s whom sat in lax guard of the temple. Moments later they found themselves engulfed in fire and died horribly.
Hurrying through the temple, the party came across the actual temple of Pezmerga, fronted by a lava pit. On the opposite side of the stone bridge, four stone guardians and twelve orcs held the bridge against attackers. The party, daunted by the thought of trying to cross under fire and into a shield wall, attempted to fire pot shots unsuccessfully. Haldir furiously rubbed his ruby and summoned the Vampire Vallic Culdron. The first lieutenant of the Lich Nagash arriving via a golden gate and covered in black spiked full plate armor carrying a black tower shield and a large broadsword.
The Kabalite Warrior Krainia Flameshroud smiled maliciously as she burst into fire and proceeded to Run on Air, leaving behind flaming footprints as she cleared the gap. This was followed shortly by Vallic launching Haldir over the lava pit with a mighty throw. The Vampire following the Elven bolder with a short range teleport called Blink.
Overcoming the defenders, the party rushed through to the altar room expecting to find the dark ritual in process. They find the room ominously empty. The thought of defeat in their minds until Vallic laughed at them, and drew out Rykuro’s sword and tossed it with contempt through an illusionary wall at the back of the room.
Following through the passage, the party came to an enlarged room with three rooms. Heading north into the main altar room, the party finds the naked and bound Keldaran with the Dark Priest Elric Gaston ready to sacrifice him. Rushing into action, the party engaged the two dark clerics in an attempt to stop the ritual.
With the battle to decide the fate of Noma raging between the Vile party lead by the Blackguard Decon Heath and the party of adventurers. Beating the odds, only by the intervention and stalling of both the Vampire Vallic and the Kabalite Krainia, the team narrowly succeeds and slays Decon and the rest of his followers.
Whilst the party licks their wounds, Krainia frees Keldaran fron his bonds and Vallic’s wounds regenerate. As Keldaran is removed from the altar, the three parts of Pezmerga manifest. Taking the curved dagger of Elric, the party watches as Vallic declares his job done, he takes the legs of Pezmerga and opens a golden gate and disappears through it.
Krainia, ignoring the rest of the party. Starts to haul the unconscious form of Keldaran out of the temple. Leaving the temple, the party decides to go to Hightop and see the High Cleric of Pelor Luther Sengir.
Arriving in Hightop, the party is informed that the Baron has not been seen in a week, and that he gave orders to not be disturbed. An altercation erupts between the Paladin Wyvern and Filk of the Blue Lightning, Baron Luther’s second in charge. Managing to avoid being arrested and detained by the Noma Army, the party stays overnight in the military camp.
Awakened in the middle of the night by a guardsman and summoned to see Baron Luther. Arriving in his chambers, the party find him dressed in a heavy robe and looking more haggard than before. His black beard now starting to grey.
The Godslayer informs the party that it was him that prevented the presence of Pezmerga from taking a more active role in his Resurrection and that he had left Hightop in order to preform a service that he could not tell them. He had forced Filk to make it seem like he was still there in order to fool any Devinter scrying.
The party wished that Luther take the torso of Pezmerga and when he has the chance to, deliver it back and inter it with the elves once again. Whilst some of the party had reservations about giving the elves the part once again. Luther reminded the party that the elves had lost people and family as well and were less likely to make the same mistake again.

The party returns to Noma and quickly makes their way to the cloud district and the Sengir Mansion. Given admittance to the sitting room, the party is met once again by Vish Kelt. Whilst informing him of their victory over Decon, he is joined by Count Veldrane of Sengir.
After the debrief, the two men are relieved to hear of the defeat of the remaining followers of Pezmerga. For their efforts, and because he can’t announce how close the resurrection of the fell god was, Veldrane gifted the party 30,000 gold pieces each, a manor on the edge of the cloud district as well as the ability to ask his oracle one question each.
The party arrives at Crowley’s tower to find the area oddly devoid of any damage. Gaining entry to the tower seemed easy enough yet find the ground floor empty, attempting to ascend the stairs they found themselves unable to ascend as well as gaining an aversion to these particular stairs due to Crowleys Enchantments.
Moments later Crowley Thran teleports to the ground floor holding fireballs in order to incinerate the intruders. After a quick discussion, Ryuoku finds himself unable to speak, but Crowley seems less likely to disintegrate them. A voice comes from the stairs, following the voice is the restored Lysander and his brother Malaketh.
Lysander informs the party that the High Cleric Luther Sengir petitioned the God Pelor to restore Lysander to life. A request the god granted, but at the cost of some of Luther’s own lifeforce.
At the Green Dragon Tavern, the party meets with Turael to discuss their exploits. Whilst they speak, the Four Seasons bring in the limp form of a woman. Dressed in a black shift ripped open in several places, the four seasons declare the beaten woman to be the last follower of Decon, Mystica. On closer inspection, the party discovers her face discoloured and bruised, a broken nose and probably a shattered cheekbone. Her once long hair, now hacked off in parts and ragged.
The Four Seasons tell the party that they discovered her on the edges of Ras’endas and when accosted she didn’t put up as much of a fight as expected. The party, seemingly okay with the torture of prisioners, turn mostly a blind eye to her obvious pain. However the Paladin Wyvern, picks up the weakened woman as they return to Veldrane’s mansion for more infomation.
Back in the Sengir mansion, Vish Kelt berates the party for their callous treatment of the woman Mystica. He orders clerics and healers to the mansion and glowers while waiting. Once cleaned up as best as can be done, the party accompanies Kish Kelt to one of the town guard holding cells where they question her.
Claiming to not remember much in the last ten years and claiming her name to be Lara. She pleads for information about her husband and two daughters. During the questioning, the party becomes disinterested in following this line of inquiry and leaves the guards with their prisoner.

The group, after having a rest for a month, arrives back at the Green Dragon Tavern. As soon as all of them have gathered, Sasban, The Bartender hands over a letter from the High Wizard Crowley Thran, Summoning them to his tower on the outskirts of the city of Noma.
Finding their way to the tower, they gain entry easily enough. In the sitting room they find Mina Markov and Crowley Thran talking softly. As they enter, Crowley stands and welcomes them back.
His appearance seems to be significantly better than the last time that they had seen him, the dark circles from under his eyes are gone and his hair seems less frayed. Crowley waves his hand an a variety of alcoholic drinks appear from thin air on his glass table.
Helping themselves to the liquor, Crowley apologizes to the party of his behavior previously. Whilst he is talking, both Malakith and Lysander come up from the under levels. Lysander casts a disapproving gaze over the party, however he gives Aseria a warmer greeting than anyone expected and then takes a seat next to Mina. While the party continues to chat to Crowley, Mina and Lysander. Malakith and Aseria slink away.
Returning to the Green Dragon Inn, the party proceed through to see both Grenseal and Turael. Grenseal looking particularly delicate this morning. Turael flicks through a few of the papers in front of him, however he seems to already know what he planned to give them. A note from Lord Veldrane of Sengir. A small job to go to Mara and fetch some ‘Star Charts’
On the road to Mara, the party runs across the Wanderer Gaspar once again. The elderly man had set up a camp already and his iconic grey cloak hanging out to dry. The party greets him and continue of their way.
The following day, the group encounters a caravan off to the side of the road. The caravan itself seems to have been cracked with one mighty blow and the two occupants dead meters away from the site. Apparently killed with a single blow as well. Turnips litter the site completely
Making haste to Mara, the party finds a trading tent and enquirer about who the master of trade is. Directed to the Mercantile guild house, the party discover that a man named Chandler is in charge of the Mara-Noma syndicate. Enquiring about Chandler, they are directed to a large dark skinned man in the center of the Guild House.
Referring to him as Chandler, the party is rebuked by the Man. Second in charge to Chandler, the man introduces himself as Chapman. Telling Chapman about the alleged murder, he informs them that it is a job for the local town guards.
The party, annoyed about the apparent lack of care about the alledged murders, find the nearest guardhouse and report the attack to the Guard Captain. He informs them that he will send out troops to investigate.
With that done, the party comes to the conclusion that in their haste, they had forgotten to ask the name of their contact in Mara. They decide the best option is to send a message back to Noma. Then decide to try and find the operative themselves. Finding three taverns in the vicinity. The River Port Tavern, The Slaughtered Prince and the Crystal Ball. Scouting out all three seems to lead nowhere.
By seemingly dumb luck, they gather back at the River Port Tavern. Where they find a woman dressed oddly. Questioning her, they find that she is the operative they were sent to speak to. Introducing herself as Faraday, she says that they will leave the following morning.
The next morning, the party greets Faraday on the eastern edge of the town, and they travel into the mountains to the Northeast. Roughly seven hours later, they come across a ruined tower. The tower Faraday insists on entering and awaiting something.
Shortly after, Haru, Aseria’s familiar notifies the group of incoming flying humanoids. Rushing outside with weapons drawn, the party is greeted with empty skies. Returning inside confused, they find the stairs occupied with three winged men. They announce themselves as the Icari, the leader calls himself Dragonstar Sunsoar, and that they must be trusted by Veldrane for him to have sent them. He hands over a large sealed scroll to them.
The party excuses themselves and start to return to Mara. On their way down, from behind a rock, jumps a teenager. Attached to the palm of his right hand is a glowing orb. With a few words, the wind starts to howl around him and two stone golems pull themselves from the ground. After a fairly one sided fight, where Haldir puts down both golems, the boy, who calls himself Luc, congratulates the party on their strength and promptly disappears. Leaving the party confused on his motives.
The trip back to Mara and subsequently Noma seems to pass without incidence. Back at the Green Dragon, The party hands over the ‘Star Charts’ to Turael.

The Party has returned to the city of Noma and have delivered the “Starcharts” to Turael. Enquiring about any new directives issued to the Adventurers guild, Turael said that he was still in the process of sorting out the various commissions that he had and to come back later.
Taking this time out to finally check out their bequeathed estate in the cloud district, the group find their manor to be rather lackluster in appearance. Deciding to wait until they had more time to thoroughly explore it, they returned to the Tavern.
Seeking out Grenseal and Turael, they found them in the guild room once again. Turael gave them a choice of two missions. The first one was to assist the northern barbarians in dealing with a new powerful Orc Warlord Klaw. The second was to travel to the Southern Garrison and escort a Devinter Prince. Choosing their option, they go to leave. As they come back into the Taproom, Krainia Flameshroud calls over Haldir. She then warns him that Cyrus Guardia has been asking questions about their victory over Decon, and their method and assistance. Secondly she warns that Sibil is not who she says she is and that the party should be wary of her and the Four Seasons.
Opting for the second of the two options. They set out for Hightop. Traveling via the main road, the trip was rather unexciting. Again they went past the traveling vagabond Gaspar, waving as they passed him. Two days out from Hightop, two black clad figures started to approach at high speed from behind the party. Turning to face the potential threat, they saw two humanoid figures sprinting directly at them. Shortly before coming into contact with the party, the two split up and ran around the group and then rejoined up and disappeared into the distance.
Arriving in the Southern Garrison of Hightop, the party found the army base, understandably, on high alert. Following orders to speak to the Second in Command, Filk of the Blue Lightning. Using a writ of order they gain entry into the central fort. Filk greets the party somewhat warmly, except for Wyvern. Filk informs the party that the Imperials will be arriving in the following morning and that they were not the only people contracted to escort the Prince. Seeking to associate with the two Scorpion Strike monks, the party couldn’t seem to find the two of them.
The following morning, the group were woken by a guardsman and informed that Filk and a large group of soldiers were awaiting the Imperial Delegation. Taking up a position at the front, the Devinter legion approached in a tight formation. The Imperials stop a fair distance from the Noma Guard. From the Devinter side, a group approach on horseback. The group consisting of Six armored men and five richly clothed people.
The leader of the Devinter detachment, clad in a golden armor with a circular shield and longsword introduces himself as General Teo McDohl, Commander of the Devinter Second Legion. He formally introduces the Pince Kheldar to Filk, the Party and the two Scorpion Strike Monks. He then informs Filk that he will hold him personally responceable for the Prince’s safety.
Following this, Rykuro decided to take this moment to have a momentary outburst directed at General Teo. His words causing the General and his guards to remove their swords from their scabbards. This motion causing the Noma Army to jump slightly. Talking quickly, Filk manages to diffuse the situation before war can actually break out.
After the tension is over, the General leaves to return to his Legion. Drawing death states from Filk and the assembled Noma forces, Rykuro thinks that it might be a good idea to return to Noma as soon as possible.
The entourage begin to travel back to Noma, the trip back almost as uneventful as the trip down. A few days into the trip, the group come across an elf sitting on the side of the road. His eyes seem to be glazed over and he giggles slightly to himself. Deciding to air on the side of caution, Wyvern bashes him with his shield then binds his hands and arms and slings him over the back of his Warhorse.
Arriving back in Noma, the Party and the Devinter Prince go their separate ways. As they go to break, the elf prisoner begins to scream through his gag. Wyvern attempts to silence him once again with his shield. This time however the Elf explodes and engulfs all around him in fire.
Managing to put out the fires surrounding themselves, the party, somewhat confused as to the reason of the explosion. The Prince looks on with an interested expression and then proceeds into Noma. Following this, the party returns to the Green Dragon tavern.
There, Turael gives the party some new infomation.
One – The assassin Twin-Blade is rumored to be operating in Noma. A ultra high end assassin who never fails to kill his mark.
Two – The Orc Warlord Klaw is pressing the Northern Paladins even harder than expected.
Three – A number of Necromantic Wizards have been found wandering around. Their minds seem to have been blanked but yet they mutter the word “Darkhallow”

The party reentered the Taproom of the Green Dragon Tavern after speaking to both Grenseal and Turael (TooRail) they found a message waiting for Haldir, a formal letter from the Commander Terra Brambleford stating that for services rendered, Haldir had been granted a commission into the Elven Army. At the same time, Veldrane Sengir himself showed up and gave the party personal invitations to a Ball welcoming Prince Kheldar of Devinter to Noma. Veldrane informed the party that he had taken the liberty of having clothing made for them and it would be delivered shortly.
The group had a quick discussion on where they should go next. Deciding that there was no way of even knowing if Twin-Blade was a viable mission they figured that following up on the Necromancers was their best bet.
However the more they dug about the mysterious Darkhallow Ritual and the Mind-Wiped wizards, the less information they actually found out. Even after checking out a number of books in the Noma Archives, information still dried up. The only part of information they could discover came from Crowley Thran. He explained that all he knew of the Darkhallow Ritual was that it was a ritual that draws in negative energy and funnels it into a host and grants them supernatural power.
Figuring that they had discovered as much as they were likely to find, they started to make plans to head north to assist the Barbarians in their campaign to push back the Orc Warlord Klaw. As they made their plans, a courier arrived at the Green Dragon Tavern with packages for each one of them.
The packages contained the clothing organized by Veldrane Sengir. Two exquisite dresses for the girls, and tailored clothes as well as gilded breastplates. Seeing as the Ball was that night, the party decided to hang around until it started.
As night fell, the party made their way into the Cloud District and towards the Markov Manor. As they arrived, guards stationed out the front eyed them but still allowed to pass. Greeted in the entry by a maitre d’. She checked the invitations of the party and allowed them through one by one, until Haldir. The Elf had come with his full compliment of weapons, and the maitre d’ would not allow him to pass dressed suchlike. She offered him a choice, divulge his weapons and pass or leave. Haldir took the second option and exited the Manor. Seeing Haldir being denied entry, Wyvern also decided to accompany Haldir outside.
The three remaining members, Rykuro, Aseria and Liliandra were announced to the assembled people and entered the grand ball room. Shortly after entering, Aseria was greeted by Malakith. As they both kind of faded into the crowd, Rykuro and Liliandra were left surrounded by various people. As they filed through the people, Rykuro was accosted by one of the Devinter Imperium Guards. During their discussion, Lord Kasos Stromkirk stepped in and berated the Imperial and sent him on his way.
During this time, Wyvern had apparently gotten bored outside and had reentered the Ball. As he entered, he noticed the Prince Kheldar, along with his two scorpion strike monk bodyguards, being led into a side room by Lord Sorryn Markov. Curiously Wyvern cast Detect Evil. Detecting three strong evil presences inside the room, Wyvern finds both Rykuro and Liliandra and explains the situation. After failing to force the Markov guards to move, Rykuro seeks assistance from Lord Stromkirk.
The arrival of Kasos Stromkirk to the doorway was more than enough to force the Markov guards to stand down and allowed the three to burst into the room to find both the Prince and Lord Markov sitting down holding glasses. When questioned to the reason for their intrusion in his house, Rykuro insinuated that Markov planned to murder the Prince.
Lord Markov, outraged by the accusation, called for Grenseal and Turael to come immediately and account for his apparent Guild Members. Shortly after, Turael appeared in the doorway dressed in simple black clothing. After a quick discussion, Turael dismissed the three whilst he attempted to fix the situation.
The following morning the group were summoned to see both Grenseal and Turael where they were berated for insulting the Lord Markov in his own manor as well as embarrassing the Guild as a whole with unfounded accusations. Following this, Turael said that their Patron Crowley would also like words with them.
At Crowley’s tower, they found Crowley waiting for them. However instead of yelling at them, he found their behavior amusing. Stating " Those Nobles can stand with being taken down a notch anyways"
Deciding that they needed to get away from the heat for a while, the group travels north in search of the Northern Barbarians forward encampment. They find it north east of Astin Springs and find signs of a recent battle.The Warchief in charge, Marth, had lead a counter attack against the greenskins and had not yet returned.
Seeking out Marth and his raiding party, the party headed northeast in search of the Warchief. Finding various battle scenes on the way in, with both dead Orc’s and Barbarians. However there was no sign of Marth, but the Orc tracks kept heading further north.
Eventually the party found a well trodden track that led into a cave. Inside the mouth of the cave, they could see glints of metal. Not willing to venture inside, the Druidess decided to call bolts of lightning into the cave mouth. After the dust cleared, they found a group of Orc’s electrocuted and burnt just inside the cave.
Exploring the caves, they finally came across two large wooden doors. Pushing them open they find a large hall. On the far end stood ten large Orc’s around an even larger one. His right arm ended in a large metal pincer, and that pincer clasped around Marth’s neck.
Attempting to talk him down, Haldir inadvertently told Klaw that they came to kill him. In a snap decision, Klaw’s pincer severed Marth’s head from his neck. Klaw’s lieutenants rushed the party followed by the Warlord himself. Wyvern attempted to halt the Warlord but found himself severely outclassed and mortally wounded.
Klaw smirked as he picked up Wyvern in the same fashion as Marth, Thinking quickly, the party attempted to bribe the Warlord into sparing the Paladin’s life, an offer was eventually agreed upon and the party beat a hasty retreat from the Warlord’s hall.

After finding themselves outclassed by the warlord Klaw and bribing their way out, the party return to Astin Springs to find the camp still on alert and still awaiting the return of Marth.
Finding Marth’s Second, Gilbert, the party informs him of Marth’s unfortunate accident. Momentarily taken aback, Gilbert tells of an approaching column of reinforcements of Sengir Knights in the next few days. Deciding that their best chance was to wait for the Knights, they rest for a few days
Early in the morning the Column arrives headed by Lysander Thran along with Keldaran Savant and Krainia Flameshroud. Fully expecting Lysander and the reinforcements to assault Klaw’s camp, the group were angered to hear that he had no intention of pushing into the mountains and his orders were to hold the area and gather intelligence on the Warlord.
Following this, the Party decide to make their way towards Kerrigan and Firion. During their trip, they run afoul of a few orcs. Upon engagement, the orcs split up and some of them escape. Reaching Kerrigan, the group meet the Chief Firion Wolfcloak. He tells them that Klaw has been making raids on his township sporadically but there has been no sign of the Warlord himself.
During their stay, a messenger arrives with news that Lysander had attacked Klaw’s camp and killed five of Klaw’s lieutenants but yet had not found the Warlord. Seemingly at a dead end, they return to Noma and attempt to investigate several leads about the amnesia that has effected the Wizarding Necromancers. Finding nothing but dead ends, they return to speak to Turael (Toorail). During the discussion Rykuro demands more respect from Turael, a notion the Guild Master rejects this and sends the group out.
Outside of the Tavern, they meet a man who introduces himself as Mr. Relic, A collector of sorts. He says that he collects relics and powerful items to insure that they don’t find their way into the wrong hands. He mentions that he was aware that the Party was the group to take down Decon. He wished to get his hands on the Blade of the Blackguard. With that, he bid the group farewell and walked away.
Regardless of the random encounter, they left for Limestone. Attempting to kill two birds with one stone. To investigae the Necromantic Wizard and to retrieve the sword of Decon. Arriving in Limestone, there were no leads as to the Necromancer, deeming it moot they left for Noma once again, passing the Temple of Pezmerga in order to pick up both Decon’s Sword and armour.
Getting back to Noma, the party split up. During this time Rykuro informed Turael that they were in possession of Decon’s sword and armour. Turael expected them to turn them over to him as soon as they could. While this was happening, the others discovered the empty lot where Mr. Relic said he could be found. Moments later his townhouse became visible. Mr. Relic welcomed them to his house and explained that his home was out of phase and highly secure. He offered them a drink and to discuss business. They refused his offer, to which Mr. Relic shrugged and poured himself a drink. After a short discussion, they decided to not take up his offer while Wyvern attempted to covertly detect evil on the man. Mr. Relic thanked them for their time and consideration and said if they ever found anything else, to contact him.
Leaving Mr. Relic’s house, they returned to the Green Dragon inn. Outside they were approached by a wild-ling dressed girl who spoke to Liliandra. She asked for their help with animals that have been infected with some sort of sickness that sends them into a murderous rage. There they travel to Coran Pass in the company of the Druidess in search of the infected

The group finds themselves inexplicably high in a tree with crude snares set up on a game trail in order to trap local wildlife.
After hours of waiting, squealing sounds bring them down to the ground. Finding a large wild boar trapped in the snare, Liliana attempts to communicate yet is rebuked. She then casts Snaring Vines in order to better hold the crazed animal. Yet as Rykoro gets closer in order to investigate further it manages to free itself and proceeds to gore the elf with it’s tusks.
Managing to overcome the animal, samples of a black liquid that ran from it’s eyes and mouth were taken in hopes of figuring out what it was. In the mean time, they managaed to follow the game trail further into the forest towards the cliffs.
The trail goes cold as they reach a lake fed by a stream from the north cliff faces. Deciding to wait around and see if anything approached, yet nothing did. Figuring that the water might be part of the issue, in a move that defies logic, Rykuro dives into the possibly tainted water to search for anything, However he finds nothing of import and returns to shore.
Making the decision to follow the stream north, the party finds a rift in the cliff face that allows the stream to flow through. Moving one by one through the small opening, the rift opens up into a cavern with the focal point being a pedestal with an orb floating above it. Covered with some kind of slick black oil dripping into the stream leading out of the cavern.
At the real of the cavern, a huge black bear sits immobile facing away from the group. Firstly they attempt to communicate to the animal, but they find it enraged at the sight of them. After killing the bear, they get a better look around the cavern. The pedastal seemingly the only thing in the cave, yet the black ooze covering the orb as well as one of the sides of the cliff.
They skin the bear in order to take the orb floating above the pedestal and they leave and head back to the druid’s camp. Quizzing Lotte about what she knew of the orb, she informed them that she had never seen it before, nor did she know of the rift in the cliffs. For some reason this seemed to infuriate the Paladin Wyvern, and he spoke to Rykuro about slitting the Druidess’ throat.
Taken aback with the sudden spin of attitudes of some of the party members Lotte asks the group to leave her camp.
Feeling like the mission might not be finished, the group sets camp away from the Druid’s camp and wait overnight. On the following day, they recon through the forest and find no further signs of infection of animals, a sentiment reinforced by the Druid / Ranger Stallion.
After this, they decide to check the orb and find the orb returned to crystalline again. They then return to the rift in the cliffs and find the water flowing again, however the black ooze still cover the back walls and floor. In what they belive to be the best course of action, they shatter the orb against the wall, but yet nothing happens.

The party returns to Noma from Corran Pass and heads immediately to Crowley’s tower. Entering the lounge room Crowley himself appears shortly after. They give him the vial of Black Ooze. He however is unable to positively identify it, but says that it has some kind of magical properties.
Leaving the tower with more questions, they return to the Green Dragon Tavern. Looking at the frontage, something seemed amiss and the Windows appeared to have been recently replaced. Heading inside they find the bar being attended by Joshua Warren, the owner, and his daughter Kimberly.
Proceeding into the back room, they find Grenseal and Turael (Toorail) sitting at the guild table. The Guild Master and Assistant both question the party as to their recent whereabouts. It appears that while they were away the Green Dragon Tavern had been attacked by a large group of Zombies and Ghouls. In the attack the Sword of Decon, Mormigil, had been stolen from the Guild Vault and Sasban had been wounded.
Cyrus Guardia, of the Slayers, has levelled suspicion onto the group due to their absence during the attack, the fact they knew where Mormigil was and alleged prior dealings with the Lich Nagash. They quickly came to the conclusion that Mr. Relic was the only one who could’ve known all that information and set in motion a plan to kill him. Outside the tavern they pulled out his scroll of summon and red from it. To their dismay the phantasm of Mr. Relic appeared. After informing
Figuring this was a good time to make themselves scarce, they decided to follow up on the Necromancer Badaeux and the area he was found in Dalaran. As they came to the city limits they were greeted by a Sengir Knight who extended the hospitality of the Baroness Cater, Baron Luther’s wife.
Attempting to follow up on Badaeux, they went to the harbourmaster to check his ledgers. Whilst searching through the books, the party noticed someone watching from across the docks. Deciding to chase the man down the alley, they found it devoid of anyone. Yet under closer inspection they found a rope half hidden at the end. Rykuro decided to climb it in order to follow. As he was most of the way up, two figures appeared at the mouth of the alley. As the party approached Cyrus revealed himself and said that he and his group were keeping an eye of them. Figuring Cyrus to be a waste of time, the party moved away and discovered the inn where Badaeux had stayed briefly
The bartender told the party what little he knew of Badaeux. That he had arrived on a ship recently from the Therocracy of Nar’Sharadda and that he stayed for a short time at the tavern and then disappeared. Figuring this was the limit of information they decided to return to Noma

Arriving back in Noma, the party returns to the Green Dragon Tavern to a plethora of missives. In the stack, three formal sealed letters, from Crowley, Lysander and Veldrane as well a folded note from Jimmadehaggen. All requesting the group’s presence at some stage.
Deciding to go and see both Crowley and Lysander at the same time, they travel to Crowley’s Tower. Speaking to Crowley, he gives slightly more insight into the Black Ooze. Crowley informs the party that the ooze was semi-magical and found in a seemingly destroyed township in the mountains near Corran Pass.
Following up on this Lysander speaks of his defeat of Klaw and the bulk of his main forces. However the Warlord himself fled before Lysander could close with him. Lysander’s Dragoon Keldaran spotted the Orc retreating in the company of a Black Armoured human with blonde hair as well as a Rakasha dressed in blue silks. Lysander then goes on to mention that he is planning to assault the last two of Klaw’s forts in the foothills.
Leaving the Tower, they then travel to the cloud district and seek audience with Veldrane Sengir. Vish Kelt waits with the party in the waiting room and the Count arrives shortly after looking more ragged than his normal preened self. Veldrane informs the party and more importantly Rykuro that he has personally smoothed over the insulted noble Sorryn Markov. However he still had reservations about the Lord Markov as he has been acting odd for the last six months. Veldrane thinks his behavior might be because of stress of the Devinter expecting the Markov house to entertain their princes and princesses as well as expecting a visit from One of the Twelve. The bankers who run the entirely of the Devinter’s economy.
Veldrane goes on to explain the reason of the Star Charts previously recovered. Veldrane has an agreement with the Iccari to allow them to keep their independence they provide him with information they gather about the StarDance, the music and melody of creation, that they study from the StarGate. He then informs them that the StarCharts work in tandem with the Oracle of the Kabalites. Together they provide a framework for predicting the future, if only a bit imperfectly.
Finishing up with the Party, they return to the Green Dragon Inn to find both Jimmy the Hand and Krainia Flameshroud drinking in a booth. Jimmy smiles and clanks his tankard with his metal nub. He goes on to tell them that some of his “assosiates” have discovered infomation about the Devinter man who was assassinated. Turns out the man was an apprentice to Belteel, the Silver Eyed Sorcerer, possibly the most powerful man alive in the world. Jimmy also tells the party that someone, he doesn’t know who just yet, has taken out a bounty on the party. The bounty is only 500 gold each, whilst not likely enough to bring out the heavy hitters. It was most likely to attract the bottom feeders.
Jimmy also tells that he has heard word of Rykuro’s former assosiate Mizuki. Apparently the Monk, after setting off to find more adventure, found a way into a Dwarven StrongVault. However nothing has been heard from him since he left.
Semmingly ignored, Krainia attracts the attention of the party by telling them about how she was traveling North-West on orders from Veldrane to see the Kabal and that he had requested they accompany her. Rykuro, leading with his crotch, ageed. The following morning they set off towards Fujin. The group travels quickly without issue to Fujin and then further. Krainia leads the party into the mountains and eventually shows the party to a hidden wall in a cliff face.
Inside are several armed guards who asked that they surrender their weapons during their stay. A tenement that they uphold and hand over their weapons. Krainia then leads them to the largest house in the center of town, a large two story mansion that looks semi-familiar. Krainia lets the party inside where they find the inside larger than expected. In the center of the room, a girl sits cross legged on a woven rug. Krainia introduces the girl as Esmerelda, the oracle of the Kabilites. The girl stares at each one for a short time and seemingly says nothing.
However a voice enters Wyvern’s head. Saying that the oracle judges him the most worthy of those assembled. He feels a small weight enter his pocket. The oracle tells him to hand it over to Veldrane, and only Veldrane. Shortly after, Kraina tells the party that their business is finished and that she was heading back to Noma. The trip back to Noma passes without issue.
Arriving back in Noma, they go back to Veldrae’s mansion. During their discussion Wyvern hands over a smooth stone to Veldrane, in reward for his assistance. Veldrane allows Wyvern to as the oracle one question. So he asks whom is in possession of the Tome of Hemmler.
After their quick discussion, Veldrane tells them that Lysander’s plan to assault Klaw’s two remaining Forts is almost ready and that he will meet the Party at the Green Dragon Tavern. Traveling back to the Tavern, the party meets Grenseal, Turael and Lysander. He tells them that he plans to attack both of Klaw’s Forts at the same time and Grenseal has agreed to use the Guild as the Vanguard. Lysander asks the party to choose a team to work with. Either the Slayers or the Four Seasons. They choose the Slayers and are told to meet at Austin Springs in four days.
The Group leaves the following morning and travels to Austin Springs. Just north of Austin Springs, the Noma millitary had set up a staging area with several tents. Entering the command tent, they find Cyrus Guardia waiting for them. He informs them that they have operational control over this operation and that he was ordered to follow their commands for the duration. He goes on to tell them that Lord Sengir has sent a unit of twenty Heavy Armoured Sengir Knights and a unit of thirty Noma soldiers. Cyrus informs them that the Slayers have recruited a new member for this operation and shocks the group when Malakith Thran enters.
The Party designates Haldir the Commander of the Operation and he sets a plan in effect. The following morning Malakith declares that Lysander has ordered the start of the operation and that all forces should begin their march. Haldir orders the strike team to move out. As they approach the Orc fort, due to a mismanagement in troop formations. The two parties are peppered with arrows from the Orc Fort. Malakith, annoyed at the damage to his Devinter silk clothing, proceeds to call a rain of fireballs down that destroys the front of the fort.
Using the bursts of fire, the strike team forces their way into the Fort and find a throng of orcs awaiting them. Haldir orders the Sengir Knights to frontal assault the orc’s while ordering the Slayers into the bastion. In the ensuring battle several Knights and Soldiers are killed but it resualts in the death of the entire group of orcs. Salutations are cut short with the Noma archers at the back yelling out that a raiding party of large orcs were returning and moving quickly towards the fort.

The Assault on the second of Klaw’s fort was well underway, Having dealt with a majority of the Orc’s that were outside of the fort, The group was informed of a raiding party returning. Opting to allow the Sengir Knights and the Noma troops to organize a defense of the flaming wreckage, they entered the stone fort cut straight from the cliff face.
As they entered the fortress, they found the Slayers finishing off the last few remaining Orcs. Zaggrathond wielding two longswords, one glowing red and the other blue and Cyrus Guardia cleaning his sword on the clothes of one of the orc’s. Both Aromil and Malakith were however absent.
Cyrus informed them that both Aromil and Malakith were scouting ahead, and moments later both of them appeared from nowhere. Malakith tells that the first floor is empty of combatants. Cyrus suggests that they split up in order to find Klaw before he could escape. The Slayers decide to take the upper level(s) while the group went downstairs. Cyrus and the rest of the slayers move of quickly while the party take their time to search thoroughly
While Wyvern, Haldir and Rykuro search the back room, Both Aseria and Liliandra get impatient and start down the stairs, inadvertently set off a tripwire that ends up sounding a bell loudly downstairs. Decideing to await the brawlers, the girls wait for the men to finish their fruitless search.
Finally descending the stairs, they find a dimly lit corridor and a solid metal door. Figuring the best option was to heat the door latch. Aseria casts Burning Hands. The quick burst of flame just serves to slightly discolour the latch. Other options are considering until Liliandra simply lifts the latch and the door opens.
Inside the door, they find two humanoids. The first they see is a black armoured man from the back. long blonde hair flowing out from under his helmet. The second humanoid, a Rakasha dressed in fine blue silks. The two of them, seemingly unfased by the intrusion, continue a quick discussion and the black armoured man hands the Rakasha a bag of what appears to be gold coins while a few coins fall to the ground.
The Rakasha beats a hasty retreat via a tunnel at the back of the room while the Black Armoured man turns to face the group, and removes his helmet revealing two different eyes. The first grey and human while the second lidded catlike and burning red. While the man made no move to attack, it was obvious that he viewed the group with contempt.
After a fairly one sided conversation, the man raises his hand and inside it is a fairly familiar shape. From the Rune issues a small black orb that hovers in the middle of the room and starts to glow in size. The man then smiles and vanishes. With that, the party decides to exit out of the room.
As they reach the door, the orb appears to implode on itself and a large shadow dragon issues forth. In a unbridled moment of heroisim, The party flee’s from the dragon back upstairs where they meet the Slayers coming back down. The group informs the Slayers of eveything they witnessed. As they describe the black armoured man, Zaggrthond draws two of his blades and speeds down the stairs, followed closely by the rest of the Slayers.
As the Party follows and reenters the room, the find Zaggrathond with both of his blades dug into the neck of the Shadow dragon and Cyrus facing off the dark maw of the beast. Aromil firing arrows at blinding speed into the flank of the dragon whilst Malakith seems to have abstained from the battle. The shadow dragon, hindered by the small space it had been summoned into, had a hard time fighting back against the assault.
As soon as the final blow was landed, the Shadow Dragon seemingly faded into nothing. The Slayers informed the Party that they had new infomation to discuss and that they should go on without them for the time being. Due to form, stubboness prevailed and the Party refused the offer and stood just outside of the door.
After a short amount of time, the party continues further in and discovers a locked vault and busts it open and loots it. They then return to the surface and find that the raiding party of Orc’s were dealt with.
Figuring that this assuault was a techniqual success, they return to Astin Springs and after a short stay they return back to Noma. Shortly after returning they are informed that Lysander Thran will be holding a debriefing at the Sengir Estate. Arriving at the Estate, they find almost the whole of the Adventurers Guild in attendance as well as Veldrane Sengir and Vish Kelt.
Lysander described his attack on the first fort with His Dragoons, the Four Seasons and Firion Wolfcloak as a success. Klaw himself escaped but his forces have been smashed and his lieutenants killed. Lysander believes that Klaw won’t be able to mount any more attacks for the forseeable future and while his escape is unfortunate, He believes that Klaw won’t surface for a while. The Slayers present the three coins found at the second fort as evidence.
The gold coins were Devinter Marks. Stamped with the sirgil of the Empress. Cyrus believes that this could be proof that the Impirum was behind Klaw and his attempt to destabalise the region with war. However Lysander thinks that it could be subtufuge and misdirection.
As the meeting splits, the Party head to Crowley’s Tower to pursue some infomation about the Rune on the Black Armoured man. Crowley identifies the man as Yuber. A highly paid merecnary but said not to be human. It was said that his red eye can predict the future and is a bearer of a True Rune. A powerful artifact that makes it’s bearer immortal and immue to disease. In addition True Runes offer abilities beyond these. The rune described to Crowley is one of those who’s powers has never been revieled, that of The Eight-Fold Rune.

After finding themselves in Limestone, standing on the outside of the Noma military garrison, all signs pointed northwest. Figuring that it was the best place to look for clues, they set out on horseback. Traveling for a few hours, the party found themselves in the lower foothills of the Noma mountain range once again.
While riding and looking for any evidence of the Noma army deserters, the Druidess Liliandra discovered a small trail leading into the north that showed signs of a reasonable group of people moving through, but ascertained that it was not recently.
Following the path, the group came across a disheveled male body. Dressed in what appeared to be Noma army gear, his apparent death caused by two large punctures to his back near his shoulder. Writing the corpse off, they leave it to rot and continue to follow the trail. As they move north, they start to encounter more and more trees until the Ranger Rykuro notices a glint of metal in the treeline. Drawing an arrow, he masterfully shoots the piece of metal, only to have it make a dull thud and fall sideways.
Investigating the metallic object, they find a sword stuck firmly into the ground and yet another dead man in Noma army gear. This time several puncture marks cover his leg. Leaving this soldier to the wild beasts and scavengers, the party continues to move northwesterly.
Not long after the party enters, what appears to be, a once well traveled road leading north-south. Deciding to follow it north, they discover a large fort cut from the cliff face with large wooden doors barring them access.
The parties attempt to force access is thwarted on several attempts. Hope is almost lost until an epiphany strikes them and they manage to pull the gates open. Inside the courtyard, they find a large central stone keep, and several wooden structures. Investigating the wooden structures they find a Stable, a storage house, what appears to be a barracks, a blacksmithy and fletcher and a locked door.
Smashing down the door, they find that the housing was a Chapel at one stage, and the doorway had been barricaded from the inside. This barracade might have been effective, but however the rear of the roof had been torn open by some creature and there were no bodies inside. Upon further investigation the party notices some thick huge spiderwebs coating the hole in the roof.

The party finds themselves in a Chapel in a mountain fort, the roof punched in and the door formally barricaded. Deciding to inspect the roof, the Ranger Rykuro tosses a grappling hook through the hole. As the Paladin wyvern climbs the rope and places his hands to lift himself up, he found his hand stuck in some sort of viscous substance. Managing to break his hand free, Wyvern climbs back down. Further examinations of the substance find it to be a think web-like material.
Finishing up in the chapel, they move to the stone fort itself. Finding the large door locked, one strike of the Ting Ding and the door magically unlocks itself. The circular room with stairs going up as well as down and on the opposite side from the door a metal portcullis blocking a darkened tunnel.
Proceeding downstairs, they find a large kitchen with a dark stone room covering half of the floor with a metal door blocking access. Managing to pick the lock the door opens into a larder half full of food. Continuing down the stairs the group finds themselves in a dungeon with three cells. Investigating a dark humanoid shape at the back of one of the cells, wyvern prods the shape with his boot only to have the body burst open and the spiders nesting inside come charging out. As the swarms rush forward, a giant spider, the size of a black and white dog, charges forward.
Further investigation finds the corpse to be dressed in a Noma military outfit. Returning the the ground floor, the party begins to ascend the staircase. On the first floor, a single room covers the entire floor. Furnishings are scattered through the room. Upon finding nothing else, they move up to the next floor. On the second floor the room contains very little furniture and a shattered window. Continuing upstairs again, the third floor is the same as the first two, the fourth floor proves to be the same.
However, the first floor, the locked door prevents entry. As soon as the get the door unlocked and open it. Five giant spiders rush out and attack the party. As the engage the ones on the front, two spiders come crawling up the sides of the stairs and attack the sorceress Aseria. After a quick skirmish, the seven spiders lay dead.
Looking into the fifth floor, they find cocoons the size of men webbed to the walls and cearling. Rykuro goes to cut one down but is stabbed by a huge spider with the torso of an elf on the top. It stops and points it’s blades at the party, but makes no other moves. Launching into an attack, the party forces the creature to flee out of the window. After it escapes, they cut down one of the cocoons and discover a man in millitary cothing breathing shallowly. As they are examinging the body, it starts to float and sudden darkness envelops the body.
Tossing a fireball into the darkness, a high piched shriek wails through the room and the spider creature jumps out the window once more. Sending her familiar out to scout the top of the tower. The hawk spots the creature on top of the tower and several magic missiles come flying out of the window into it. Seconds later, darkness envelops the creature preventing further attacks. Checking the burnt body on the ground, it’s chest rising and falling with shallow breaths, Rykuro stabs it in the head while Wyvern stabs it in the stomach.
Deciding to split up, three members go upstairs to confront the creature. As they step foot on the roof, below them the creature drops past the window to the fifth floor, but not before it sticks Aseria with a web and pulls her towards the open window. Luckily Wyvern manages to catch the sorceress before she is pulled to her death.
The three on the roof, look over the edge to the base of the tower and see the creature struggling to pull someone from the fifth floor. A quick incantation from the druidess Liliandra causes vines to spring from the ground and wrap their way around the eight legs of the spider confining it to the ground.
Making their way down the side of the tower, the party dispatches the creature with relative ease.

Finishing up at the base of the stone tower and standing victorious over the Drider, the party returns to the top floor and proceeds to cut down the cocoons. Carefully they open one and find the still breathing body of a girl in Noma army gear. Taking their time, they cut open all of the cocoons and decide to secure the alleged deserters.
As the soldiers start to come to, the party interrogates them. Quickly deducing that the party is set to return them to Limestone, and certain death, they become uncooperative. Tying the line of desterters to the back of one of their horses, they return to Limestone. A quick discussion with the Regional Commander Whiatt concerning the deserters fate is overruled by the Army Commander that death is the law and will be carried out on the following day.
On the following day, Gen and his soldiers are marched out and displayed on a hastily erected dais. A black hooded figure with a large serrated axe awaits the first soldier to be executed. A woman is led to the block and swiftly beheaded and her body thrown into the dirt behind the blocks. All of the soldiers are executed except for the former assistant commander Gen who is to be made an example of and crucified. Gen screams as nails are struck into his hands and feet and a wire tied around his neck and the cross lifted into the air.
Haldir, forgetting that he was the major reason for Gen’s execution, stabs the deserter through the chest ending his life. Upon seeing this, the soldiers on guard attempt to arrest Haldir. Refusing to relinquish his weapons when ordered results in him being shot with arrows and rushed and beaten to the ground severely.
Dragged before the Regional Commander Whiatt, Haldir is almost thrown into the jail for murder. The timely intervention from the rest of his group results in the party being expelled from the Limestone region and Haldir forfeiting his weaponry.
With their tail between their legs, they travel the road to Noma. On the way discovering a bloody campfire as well as the wandering vagabond Gaspar.
On arrival in Noma, they pawn off the gems found and then return to the Green Dragon Inn. Grenseal and Turael greet the party and dole out payment for their quest completion. After being told to hang around in town for a bit longer by Turael they go to their derelict manor. While Wyvern and Liliandra stay at the manor and receive a letter, the other three attempt to speak to Lord Markov in order to have him remove his signet rings. Failing to gain an audience with Sorryn, they return to the manor where Wyvern and Haldir both assault Rykuro over a previous grievance.
Attempting another way of removing the Markov ring, they seek the assistance of the wizard Crowley. As he examines it, he mentions that only the master of the ring can remove it. Dejected, the return to the Green Dragon Tavern and have a discussion with Jimmy the Hand and prepare to attend the welcome ball for Elhanna of the Twelve.
As the evening falls, they attend the Markov manor and enter the grand hall. There they see the woman Elhanna, Lord Markov as well as a powerfully built man standing nearby. They party mingles and enjoys the hospitality of the House Markov in the form of several shots each. Rykuro strikes out hard with Krainia Flameshround whilst Aseria leaves in the company of Malakith Thran once again.
On the following morning, the party meets at the Green Dragon Tavern and share a meal. After eating, Haldir decides to return to the Manor in the Cloud District. As he makes his way towards the manor, he manages to notice himself being trailed by two men. Taking off at a run, he attempts to outpace them. However he fails to notice two men in front of him and they proceed to clothesline him with a solid wooden plank. In a brief melee, Haldir cuts down one of the thugs and the remaining three flee. Giving chase to two of them, Haldir corners them in a dark alley.
Seeing the two thugs, one of them weaponless, He allows them to flee after noticing a man covered in black clothing. The black clad man jumps down with a somersault and attacks Haldir fiercely. Backing up me makes for the mouth of the alley only to be tackled by the two men he allowed to escape. A quick scuffle is broken up by the arrival of the town guard who shoot the two thugs with crossbow bolts in the back. Haldir, dragged for the second time in a week, is brought back to the Green Dragon Inn where his party confirms his identity.
Haldir tells the party of how he was attacked and describes his attackers. Wyvern then discusses the attack with Jimmy the Hand, who gives him some ideas about the possible identity of the attacker

While both Wyvern and Liliandra waited at the Green Dragon Tavern, Haldir, Rykuro and Aseria went to the the Markov manor to attempt a meeting with Lord Sorryn. Rebuked once again they return to the Tavern and continue to await orders. A few hours pass and a courier arrives with a letter from Lord Markov with a request to come and see him as he has a job that he could use them for.
Arriving at Markov Manor, The party is shown instead to Lady Drana Markov who informs them that she is concerned that a group of assassins may be planning an attack against the Markov house, and that if they go and see to it, she would have the rings removed.
Agreeing to travel to Fujin and meet a man named Bolgan, the party goes north and meets the supposed troubleshooter Bolgan at the Flask and Bottle tavern. He takes the note of order from Lady Markov and says that he believes the assassins to be holding out in the graveyard mausoleum north of Fujin and that on the following morning he’ll show them where to go.
The following day, Bolgan leads the party to the graveyard and the mausoleum. Finding their way through the tunnel carved from the stone, they come to a natural stone cavern with a raised area halfway into it. The send the ranger in to scout the area. He sees on the other side of the cavern another tunnel leading further in and can see movement in the lights there. As they all enter the cavern Bolgan activates some sort of mechanism on the wall and a metal grate drops down blocking them in.
At the same time, two flares of magical light come to life and four heavily armored soldiers walk forward with another well dressed man, later identified as Alex Markov. He laughs and proceeds to hold up his hand and a light appears from his ring. Immediately the three of the group wearing the Markov rings are filled with immense pain. The four soldiers effectively shield themselves and the well dress man while Aseria manages to beat probability and dispel the magic on the rings. With the spells broken on the rings, the well dressed man reteats from the lightning storm called forth by the Druidess and moves back into the rear cavern.
Taking this brief respite, the party heals up and prepares to assault the rear cavern, however once they charge in they find it empty. Feeling robbed, they return to Fujin and much to everyones surprise, they find Bolgan having a quiet drink at the bar. Unable or unwilling to restrain his anger, Haldir neatly knocks Bolgan onto his ass and drags him outside, leaving the owner looking rather confused. The attempt to interrogate Bolgan is foiled by his lack of knowledge or perhaps even his unwillingness to speak out against Markov.
They decide to drag Bolgan back to Noma and hope that the Wizard Crowley might be able to assist them. Returning to Noma, they speak to Crowley and ask if there is any way to force him to speak. Magically. He unfortunatly informs them that what they ask is a Clerical or Paladin spell and that asking one of those kind of people would be the best way to force the truth.
Acting out in anger once again, Haldir drags Bolgan from the tower and towards Noma. Wanting more time to discuss the problem, Liliandra Binds Haldil’s feet to the ground with ensnaring vines. The decision to return to the Guild is made and they return to Grenseal and Turael and tell them of Markov’s plot to kill them. Taking the accusation seriously, they send for someone from House Markov to answer the allegations.
The Noble to show up is none other that the man who attacked them. He listens to both Turael and Grenseal and understands that this is a serious matter. Obviously someone is trying to set up Markov in some fashion and that the House Markov will fix this issue as soon as possible. As the smiling Lord Alex goes to leave, Haldir intercepts him and accuses him directly as the attacker.
Obviously outraged by the blatant accusation, Alex denies involvement outright and continues to act insenced. As the room degenerates into fits of rage and Alex threatens to have the Markov financial support of the guild withdrawn, Turael and Grenseal both call for quiet. Alex pushes past Aseria and Haldir and leaves the party in the company of the agitated Grensear and Turael. The Guildmaster informs the party that there is a proper way to go about these things, and that was not the way. Such an action could cost the guild and the group itself greatly. Ejected from the guild room, the party returns to the taproom and are confronted by a group of Markov Knights intending to take the party into custody.
Hearing the commotion, both Grenseal and Turael come to the taproom and cut in between the party and the knights. Grenseal tells the knights that they have no authority here and to leave before they are forced to leave. Begrudgingly the knights leave and speak to Lord Alex waiting out the front of the tavern. Both Grenseal and Turael both glower at the party and then return to the guild room……
Finding themselves cornered by Alex Markov in the Green Dragon Inn. As they discuss plans, five couriers arrive and soon depart holding missives. Shortly after this, Captain Humphrey arrives and breaks up the young nobles group and then enters the tavern
Humphrey and the party enter the guild room where Grenseal and Turael inform them that Lord Markov wishes to speak to them concerning this accusation. While initially hesitant, they agree once they hear that Lysander Thran will be present to bear witness.
They travel to the Cloud District and meet Lysander who is accompanied by Krainia Flameshroud and Keldaran Savant. They gain entry to the nobles manor and meet with Sorryn. He explains that there is no evidence to prove that his son attempted to murder the party, however he was willing to investigate himself and in future if they receive a summon from him, that they shouldn’t meet with anyone other that the Lord himself. He also tells them that at this current moment he will not be removing his financial support from the guild
The party leaves the estate in the company of Krainia and Keldaran while Lysander stays behind. Paranoid, the party goes back to the Tavern quickly. There they are told by Turael that it might be prudent if they make themselves scarce in Noma for a while. He asks them to go to Mandfall and assist the Slayers in investigating a possible lead on a Disciple of pezmerga
They travel south to Mandfall where they discover that the Slayers and the Wyrmwood Crew have both left. The former to Dalaran and the later to the Southern garrison. Following the Slayers, they travel to Dalaran and find that the Slayers are currently enjoying Baroness Carter’s hospitality. The group makes their way to the mansion on the bluff and cross paths with Cyrus Guardia once again. He and his two friends Zaggrathond and Aromil Woodshadow seem somewhat at relative ease while imbibing a Dwarven whiskey

Finding themselves in the manor of Baroness Carter, the party is receiving a cold shoulder from the Slayers who give them little information about their current quest. Informed simply that he will give them a lead on the following morning, Cyrus suggests they retire for the night.
The next morning the party finds the Slayers awaiting them. Cyrus tells them that he wishes for them to investigate a farmstead north-west of Dalaran. Making their way north, they discover the farmstead with little issue and ride their way into the centre. As they dismount, motion from the curtains in the main house provokes them to search it first. Splitting up, they take both doors to prevent escape.
Entering the front and back doors. The group finds the house quiet and empty. As soon as they go to enter the bedroom, a shattering of glass breaks the silence. Entering the room, they find a middle aged woman with a single dagger protruding from her chest and the window apparently smashed outwards with no tracks leading away.
As they continue to search, some of the party notice the barns fully alight and burning furiously. As soon as they exit the farmhouse, they notice the roof is starting to catch alight. Curiously, the fire burns down the six buildings and nothing else. Deciding that there is no other leads to follow, the party returns to Dalaran where they meet back up with the Slayers where Wyvern informs Cyrus of the developments
Cyrus takes Wyvern aside and tells him that the disciple they are hunting is, The Shadow Who Walks. A possessor spirit whom saps the will of anyone he comes into contact with. Known as Pezmerga’s prime disciple, he is a very dangerous foe, often taking hosts and disposing of them with little regard. Cyrus says that there is no way to destroy the Shadow Who Walks with physical means and that Luther Sengir is preparing a trap for the creature. But until the time it is ready, containment is the primary concern.
If The Shadow Who Walks is still alive and operating in Noma. What damage could it have caused already, and more importantly, why has it revealed itself now

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