Mr. Relic

Mysterious Mr. Relic


Race: Human
Age: 37

Height: 6’2
Weight: 83Kg’s

Eyes: Dull Green
Hair: Black shoulder length, Parted in center
Notable Features:


The Mysterious Mr. Relic. Not much is known about him or his past just that he is somewhat of a collector of magical items and artifacts of power.

Sometimes appearing as if from nowhere, Mr. Relic is not backwards about coming forward in what he wishes to acquire, often offering large sums of gold in order to secure items and sometimes even allowing partial access to some of the items he holds.

He likes to keep a majority of his dealings quiet as involving more people tents to complicate things and he is always on the look out for anyone who might be able to procure items for his collection.

Mr. Relic has two main assossiates, a woman by the name of Aliva Majula and her knightly bodyguard Kline Callava

Mr. Relic

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