Luther Sengir

The Godslayer, High Cleric of Pelor


Name: Luther Sengir
Race: Human
Age: 64

Height: 6’3
Weight: 102Kg’s

Eyes: Deep Brown
Hair: Curly black
Notable Features: Big black beard, hints of grey


Baron Luther. The High Cleric of Pelor. The Godslayer. All titles used to describe a plain man wrapped up in events beyond those of mortals.

Born as a cousin to Veldrane Sengir, Luther grew up in Limestone and not being close to the order of succession, he became a Cleric of the Sun God Pelor. Luther is straightforward and practicable, behavior that brought him the respect of his peers and mentors. By the time he was thirty he was elected to the position of High Cleric and took over leadership of the Temple of Pelor in Noma.

Years later, after a long battle, Luther was part of a group who defeated the Demi-god Pezmerga. Finding themselves unable to destroy the physical body of the God, Luther proposed that they dismember the body into three pieces to prevent him from returning.

As the Devinter Imperium attacked and took the area around the Pentaglow region from the control of the Noma Independancy, the Noma army was mobilized under the command of Antowon Stromkirk and sent to retake the region from the imperials. The army found themselves outmaneuvered and routed soundly by the General of the Third Legion Teo McDohl. Retreating through the Pentaglow pass they set fortifications and prepared to hold their ground.

Following the defeat of the Noma army Veldrane personally asked Luther to intervine and to head south. Veldrane expected that his reputation alone should prevent the Imperium from taking any more land. As expected, Luther’s arrival stunned the invading army to a standstill. Where he personally met with General Teo and managed to get the Legion into a stalemate.

Luther Sengir

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