Grenseal Alen

The Guild-Master of the Noma Adventurers Guild


Name: Grenseal Alen
Race: Human
Age: 48

Height: 5’6
Weight: 92Kg’s

Eyes: Dull Brown
Hair: Sandy Brown
Notable Features: None

Equipment / Clothing / Armour

Grenseal rarely dons Armour or weapons and dresses in upper class clothing.


Grenseal Alen, The Guild-Master of the Adventurers Guild of Noma weilds an absurd amount of power. He often finds himself in charge of very powerful adventurers and is considered one of the more influential people of the Noma region. However his attitude oddly does not follow this logic and he is often found with a flask of fire whiskey in or around his hand and sometimes drinks to excess in the common room of the Green Dragon Tavern and makes a fool of himself, much to Turael’s disgust.

Grenseal Alen

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