Filk Oddessa

Luther's second in Command


Name: Filk “of the Blue Lightning” Oddessa
Race: Human
Age: 33

Height: 5’11
Weight: 87 Kg’s

Eyes: Pastel Blue, Almost white
Hair: Short Black, Styled
Notable Features: None

Equipment / Clothing / Armour

Filk favours loose fitting clothing when not dressed for battle. When ready for combat Filk wears a suit of Armour resembling a Noma soldier’s garb and clips on a Royal Blue cape. He uses a special longsword that curves slightly towards the tip with a golden Herron emblazoned on the handle


Filk Oddessa, is Baron Luther’s second in command. Picked personally by the high cleric, Filk has shown himself to be a capable commander of troops as well as an excellent swordsman who specializes in a particular sword technique.

Well liked by the Noma troops and, surprisingly enough by all three Noble houses, Filk runs a majority of the day to day operations of the Southern Garrison and the generic maneuvers preformed by the soldiery.

When Filk is dressed for combat, he wears a suit of armour that resembles a suit of Noma soldiers armour. Because of this, Noma regulars look up to him.

Filk Oddessa

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