Drana Markov

The wife of Lord Markov


Name: Drana Markov
Race: Human
Age: 43

Height: 5’10
Weight: 72 Kg’s

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Long Sandy Blonde
Notable Features: None

Equipment / Clothing / Armour

Drana, being the lady of House Markov, is often found dressed in expensive clothing and materials as well as ostentatious jewellery.


Drana Markov is the wife of the Lord Sorryn Markov. Drana was betrothed to Sorryn early in life and the two were married after only meeting five times beforehand.

Drana is unforgiving of faults and demands the best from the servants of the household. She is also in charge of organizing any functions held for foreign dignitaries.

Drana Markov

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