Decon Heath

A Fallen Paladin pledged in service to a Dark God


Name: Decon Heath
Race: Human
Age: 27

Height: 6’2
Weight: 92 Kg’s

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Short black
Notable Features: Decon almost always has dark rings under his eyes

Equipment / Clothing / Armour

Decon rarely leaves his armour for good reasons. His armour is a suit large black full plate armour and he carries a large black greatsword that he uses like a club as much as a sword.


Decon Heath, the seventh and final disciple of Pezmerga. As the desciples went, Decon ranked the last and was the least powerful.

When the Demi-god and his armies were defeated Decon was nowhere to be found. He fled once he heard that the people of Noma had finally banded together and were marching on them. Decon fled to the Theocracy of Na’sharadda and kept his head down and seemed to disappear.

However, his “retirement” was to be short lived. His dreams began to become darker and his nightmares began to torment him even while he was awake. Decon felt compelled to return to Noma and his nightmares seemed to stop as soon as he boarded the ship to Noma.

Decon arrived in Noma quietly and disembarked in Dalaran. He got in contact with his old associates. Decon never really felt in control of his actions, he always seemed to have knowledge that he shouldn’t know. He sent his associates to retrieve what he needed and in the moment of his triumph he was struck down and killed.

Decon Heath

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