Crowley Thran

High Wizard of Noma


Name: Crowley Thran
Race: Human
Age: 83

Height: 5’4
Weight: 60Kg’s

Eyes: Pale Blue
Hair: Stark Grey. Halfway down his back. Long grey beard
Notable Features: None


Crowley Thran, High Wizard of Noma has lead a long and interesting life. Born and raised in Devinter under the name of Terrin Crow, he was apprenticed into the College of Magic as a teenager. Showing significant talent in magical power he quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the youngest men to ascend to the inner circle. One of the highest ranks one can achieve in the College. Not long after his rise to the inner circle, he met a woman by the name of Domino and they fell madly in love.

As he learned more and more about the Empress and the Arch-mage Belteel, he grew fearful and concerned about the Devinter war-machine. Both Domino and he fled from Devinter City and planned to run away to the Hilden Dominion, but found the ports under close guard. Unable to escape via the sea, they both headed north where Domino revealed a great secret to Terrin.

Arriving in the Noma peninsula, they planned to lay low and live out the remainder of their lives. However fate intervened and he was discovered to be a powerful wizard. With his secret out, he took the name Crowley Thran and constructed a powerful magical tower outside of the main city of Noma. Where he became a mentor to a number of students and the noble houses.

Crowley Thran

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