Aromil Woodshadow

An Elven Ranger of unparalleled skill


Name: Aromil Woodshadow
Race: Elf
Age: 186

Height: 5’7
Weight: 68Kg’s

Eyes: Clear Blue
Hair: Dark Black, Just past his shoulders
Notable Features: Aromil is missing the top part of his left ear

Equipment / Clothing / Armour

Aromil’s attire varies rarely, he dresses in neutral colors and covers himself with a colourshifting cloak. His weaponary is mainly a large black longbow and he carries no less than seven daggers. He has also been seen to use a greatbow the size of a man that is required to anchor itself in the ground to fire and fires arrows more akin to spears.


Aromil Woodshadow is an elven ranger of unparalleled skill and oddly enough, not from one of the elven Kingdoms in Noma. He speaks to humans very little and trusts them even less. A victim of one of the Devinter Imperium’s non-human purges of the outlands, he lost a great deal more than part of his ear during his torture.

He managed to escape the camp in the dead of the night and refuses to discuss the method that he used and fled as far as he could travel. Sometime during his travels, he met up with Zaggrathond and the two have formed a strong yet unspoken bond more surprisingly with Aromil’s dislike for humans.

Aromil Woodshadow

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