Antowon Stromkirk

Second in line to House Stromkirk


Name: Antowon Stromkirk
Race: Human
Age: 35

Height: 6’0
Weight: 97Kg’s

Eyes: Dull Green
Hair: Short Dark Brown, mustache and beard
Notable Features: None

Equipment / Clothing / Armour

Antowon is a trained swordsman and noble. He dressed normally in fine clothing as befitting his status as a noble and carries an expensive sword. When dressed for combat, Antowon dresses in full knight Armour and carries his longsword and knights shield


Antowon Stromkirk, the second in line to House Stromkirk and younger brother of Kasos. Due to the militaristic nature of the Stromkirk house, Antowon was trained from a young age in Warcraft and tactics.

Knowing from a young age that he would never ascend to the rank of Lord without the death of Kasos, Antowon has always endeavored to become the best leader of his troops as he could be and is regarded throughout Noma and beyond as a more than capable commander. A superb blademaster and trained well in hand to hand combat, a challenge from Antowon is often declined.

Antowon currently serves under the High Cleric Luther at the southern garrison and is in charge of the three chapters of Noble Knights stationed there.

Antowon Stromkirk

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