Alex Markov

Oldest son of Sorryn Markov


Name: Alex Markov
Race: Human
Age: 28

Height: 5’11
Weight: 74Kg’s

Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Sandy Blonde, Crew Cut
Notable Features: None

Equipment / Clothing / Armour

Alex Markov, eldest child of the Markov family dresses in clothing befitting his status. Often clothed in expensive silks and velvet’s that he favors in a dark red. Alex often carries a ornate longsword strapped on his waist.


The firstborn son of the Lord Markov, Alex is the favoured child of his mother Drana. Due to this, Alex has grown to be a condescending and petulant child who will do anything that his mother asks.

Alex, like most of the noble family members, has been trained in the art of swordplay and the basics of spell-craft. While unable to generate his own magical powers, Alex is capable of utilizing several magic items in his arsenal to further his own purposes.

Often overconfident in his own abilities, he often falls back on his personal bodyguard, Dyluck, and cadre of Markov Knights who accompany him.

Alex Markov

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