Noma Campaign

The Search Continues

Previously, on Dungeons and Dragons

The party finds themselves in the port of Dalaran in search of Thanatos. Entering the city gates, the group is stopped by the cleric Hai Yo who they had recently captured and allowed to escape. He accosts the party and asks that they return the property that they had stolen from him. As they refuse, he simply nods and appears to teleport away leaving the party on guard.

Moments later, a breathless man catches up to them and hands over a letter bearing the seal of Sengir. Inside is a list of names and more information from the Oracle of the Kabilites Esmeralda. Taking this new information on board they continue to search and end up speaking to the Town Guard Captain Killey. Where they continue to follow up some leads.

During this time, Aseria decides to play with fire and activate the wand stolen from Hai Yo without understanding the magics behind it. Both Haldir and Liliandra decide to also put their lives in possible danger and hold on for the ride. As they disappear from view, they find themselves cramped inside a wooden box. Forcing their way out they find themselves in a small sparely furnished room. Ransacking the room, they find 11 gold pieces hidden in a sock. They take that and investigate further and find the exit leads into an alleyway. Sending Haru to find both Rick and Wyvern they decide to lay an ambush and wait.

Later that night they hear the sounds of someone approaching, they ready themselves and the person opens the door and enters. The man who just enters as soon as he sees the heavily armed and armored group standing in his room starts to back up and call for the town guards. Realizing that they may have made a mistake, attempt to bribe him into staying quiet. Which kind of works up until they try and threaten him again, which prompt him to once again yell loudly for the town guard.

Moments later, a group of armed towns guard arrive and proceed to detain the six people. While the man claims that the party had trespassed into his house, the party denies any wrongdoing. Erring on the side of caution, with a obviously well armed group in front of them, the town guard cautiously lead them back to the main chaperhouse.

There they explain their side of the story to Killey. Who while understanding the nature of their mission, that further infractions of the law will be dealt with swiftly and without bias. Accepting this judgement, they quickly leave and formulate a plan to travel around the nearby mountains to Mandfall.

Finding their way to Mandfall easily, they begin to search for the Cleric of Yondalla Miklotov. Firstly, they speak to Richmond the Town Guard Captain who tells them that someone similar was seen around town. Secondly they find their way to the Keen Ogre and the owner Clive who offers to help them, for a price. As some of the party attempt to intimidate the man behind the bar, Clive speaks softly to Haldir that attacking him would mean that “no one would find your body”

After the deliberations, Clive offers the services of his associate Kinnison, who develops an immediate animosity with Rick, that leads to the Halfling attempting to pickpocket the man while in full view. Attempting to relish in his victory by displaying two of Kinnison’s rings, the man holds up Rick’s entire coin purse. Refusing to return Kinnison’s rings leads the man to condescend to the Halfling who takes offense and attempts to stab the man, but fails.

Kinnison smiles and declares his job done after this, and points out a Halfling preforming tricks for a crowd. Waiting until the performance is finished, the party approach him and question him intently about his identity, that he denies for a time. After a while, they manage to discern his true identity and he invites them back to his accommodation to discuss it in a more private setting.



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