Noma Campaign

So. Previously, on Dungeons and Dragons

Finding themselves in Dalaran and in the company of the Slayers once again. Speaking to Cyrus Guardia, he informs them that they have two leads to follow up and that he wishes them to investigate a strange ship that arrived from Na’Sharadda.

Cyrus tells them that their best bet is to find the Black Barnacle Tavern as that is the most likely place to find the information. Traveling to the docks, they find the Black Barnacle quite easily and enter. Inside they speak to the owner Raura who points out two men sitting in a booth drinking from a bottle of whiskey. Wyvern decides to purchase an identical bottle and the group meanders over.

A well dressed man with an eye patch and a topless bald man covered with tattoos, they both turn and eye the party as they walk up. He introduces himself and his first mate as Georg Prime and Jess respectively. A quick discussion ends with a bargain being struck for a list of his nineteen passengers for five hundred gold pieces.

Georg says that he will provide the list at a later time of day and continues to drink. Mid-Afternoon both him and his first mate stumble back to their ship, the Manxman. Not long after, a single sailor drops from the ship and returns to the tavern and delivers the list to the party.

Taking this list to Cyrus in Baroness’ Carters manor they hand it over to him. Cyrus looks over it and questions one of the name’s on the list as someone they mentioned the day before, Thanatos. Cyrus says that they plan to travel to Corolis in the hopes of catching up with the dark clad man.The discussion turns heated however as Zaggrathond dismisses Aseria with a full blown insult. The groups split with Aseria and Haldir plotting revenge and Cyrus glaring at the Swordsman.

The following day, the party sets out for the Southern Garrison to seek council with the Baron Luther. Finding their way there quite easily, they are granted access to the main camp and are greeted coldly by Filk of the Blue Lightning. Asking what their business is, they tell him that they needed to speak to the High Cleric. Filk says that he will inform Luther and they can wait in another tent.

Some time later, a soldier returns and requests Wyvern to come with him and leads him to the command tent where he finds both Luther and Filk talking over a map of the area. Wyvern tells them that he believes one of his friends may be tainted by the Shadow Who Walks. Luther says that the Shadow often possesses an inanimate object and wears down the will of of his intended target. Wyvern then implicates Haldir as tainted by the Shadow. Luther asks for them to bring him here, so that he can see for himself.

Both Wyvern and Filk return to the tent and ask Haldir to accompany them back to the command tent, while Filk keeps one hand on his sword hilt. Haldir however, refuses to submit his weaponry and causes Filk to call for some Soldiers who enter the tent with weapons drawn. After a tense standoff, Haldir is disarmed and let to the command tent.

There Luther looks over Haldir and proclaims that he is untainted as of yet, however his sword is coated with darkness. From behind Luther comes a man dressed in an orange gi and yellow turban. He is introduced as Shin, a cleric of Pelor from Na’Sharadda. He promptly casts a divine light over the weapon and the shadow shoots out and through the tent wall. Luther speculates that the shadow was likely an echo of the Shadow Who Walks, a remnant of his dark will that turns the will of his victims.

Figuring that they had managed to rectify this situation, they return to Noma and the Green Dragon Inn and speak to Grenseal and Turael and inform them of what they had found. The Guild Master, still thinking to make them scarce around Noma, send them to Mara to investigate a missing member of the Band of the Morningsong.

On route to Mara, the party come across a black armored man verbally assaulting two women in a cart full of produce. The group manage to ride almost all the way up to the man before he notices them, however once he notices Wyvern’s heraldry he challenges him to a duel.

During the altercation, Wyvern is unhorsed and assisted by Haldir who attacks the man in the back. After a few moments the man returns his flail behind his cloak and declares the duel over and Wyvern to be dishonorable and begins to walk towards Noma. Leaving the party semi-confused and in the company of the two women. They decide to accompany the cart back to the outskirts of Noma where they leave and make their way to Mara.

A few questions to the population and they are directed to an estate on the outskirts of the town. There they find a large estate situated on pristine grounds and a stone wall surrounding it. Finding the metal gates, they enter and find immaculate gardens that are obviously tented meticulously. There they locate the doors covered with a mosaic of a songbird over a rising sun. Ringing a bell to the right of the door, they are greeted by a butler who scrutinizes their paperwork and shows them into a lounge room to await one of his masters



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