Noma Campaign

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The party decide to head to Kerrigan and see the Lord of the Northern Barbarans Firion Wolfcloak. Traveling directly without issue, they reach the hills overlooking the encampment and are greeted by a group of armed Barbarans. Even after they introduce themselves and show the Order of Sengir, they are denied entry. However the Warchief Gilbert hears their story and says to wait.

A while later some warriors approach and say that Firion will see one of them to discuss their business. The party all step back and leave Liliandra standing forward. The Druidess enters Kerrigan with the armed men and meet Firion, who is sporting a new circular scar in his abdomen, in the company of Gilbert. She explains that they are searching for the defeated Orc Warlord Klaw and two of his new associates. Firion says that they have no new information about his whereabouts but suspects that he’d be hiding out in the Noma Mountains still. But if they were to find him, he would be willing to assist.

Leaving Kerrigan, the party heads South-East to Astin Springs and decide to spend the night before moving into the foothills. As they enter the bar, they find the man Bolgan. Who upon seeing them starts to look squirrelly. Deciding to gather closely around him, the party press him for information and Haldir claps his hand tightly on to his shoulder. As they effectively interrogate him, he offers to exchange any info based on a game of chance. Fenris, not wanting to play games aggressively intimidates the man into telling him what he knows. As he does, the bartender Jabba, an elderly man, produces a large club from under the bar and slaps it down on the bar and says not to trouble his patrons. Something that Fenris takes offense to and intimidates the bartender into backing down. Bolgan takes this time to finish off his drink and tells them that he had heard Klaw was taking one of his forts back and after telling them this beats a quick exit stage right.

The next morning, they travel north-easy and find the fortress based on memory and discover tracks leading to and from the fort. They decide to follow the tracks east (redacted. Angry DM. Invisible wall of Force. Fuck spider climb. Stupid to say 3 sets of footprints. Etc. )

Arriving back at the fort, with fifteen Barbarans and the Warchief Gilbert they decide to walk in and see what happens



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