Noma Campaign

Previously, on Dungeons and Dragons Etc.

Previously, on Dungeons and Dragons

The party finds themselves in the company of Baron Luther, Filk of the Blue-Lightning and the Cleric from Na’Sharadda Shin. Shin finishes relaying the information about the other clerics he arrived with as well as offering a warning to be cautious of Thanatos as he was the leader, not by virtue, but by might.

Following up after the conversation, Luther informs the party that the Imperials from Devinter have requested a meeting on the next morning and he would welcome the additional back-up. He then organizes lodging for them and they retire for the night.

On the morrow, the party is greeted by a lieutenant and brought to the front where Luther, Filk and Shin await them with a company of soldiers and mounted Knights. Traveling some distance from the garrison, they are greeted by the General Teo McDolh and a legion of troops. To the right of the General, four hooded figures are held on their knees by Imperial soldiers with knives held to their throats. After a small exchange between Luther and Teo, the imperial general signals for the hoods to be removed and the figures are revealed as the Wyrmwood Crew. As Luther steps forward the four of them are executed and kicked into the dirt. Luther barely contains his anger and tightens the grip on his Morningstar. Teo spouts off some spiel about Noma people have no business in Devinter territory and turns and leads his troops away. Luther sorts out some soldiers to clean up the bodies and then storms away with Filk.

Returning to the southern garrison, the party decides to wait for the cart returning the bodies of the Wyrmwood Crew to leave for Noma and accompany the black cloaked ‘undertaker’. Arriving back in Noma, the cart driver makes for the Green Dragon Tavern and leaves the cart around the back and enters the tavern through the front. As the cart driver steps through to the back rooms, he removes his cloak and reveals himself to be none other than the Baron Luther, much to the shock of the party. He asks them to wait while he speaks to the guild master.

Moments after he enters the back room, the party can hear raised voices that cut off sharply. Luther then opens the door and invites the group in. Inside they find Grenseal on his feet and Turael flat on his ass holding a red and black mark on his face. Luther demands that Turael discloses what exactly the Wyrmwood Crew were doing in Devinter. Turael says that they were sent to investigate the Necropolis of Provost and the rumors of Nagash returning and the possibility that he has agents working for him in the Adventurers Guild or to implicate the Party as associated with the Lichlord.

Luther concludes his visit with a thinly veiled threat to not conduct business in the Devinter Imperium without his knowledge and now his authorization. He leaves with that said, leaving a group of stunned party members with Grenseal and Turael nursing his black eye and then told to “get out”.

Figuring now is a good time to leave, the party travels to Limestone to search out another Cleric. They find their way to the town guard captain and ask some questions that don’t really lead anywhere. They then go to the military garrison and demand to see the Regional Commander Whiatt. The guards at the gates, knowing them, effectively arrest them and drag them before Whiatt who enquirers about their business here.

With a move that might cause whiplash, they produce the Order of Sengir. Whiatt takes it from them and scrutinizes it. He finds it to be legitimate and asks how he can assist in their endeavor. They give him a quick run down on what they’re doing and say that any information found to be passed on.

With that they return to the town to investigate a woman who is supposedly only awake while the sun goes down, it is at the Club and Cauldron they find the owner Alberto dressed in finery who seems free with information and innuendo. Money changes hands, favors are exchanged and the woman who goes by the name of Sierra Milkain leads two of the party on a goose chase but returns as Haldir perpetrates break and enter.

On the roof, Wyvern sees the woman return and attempts to jump down on her, even twisting fate fails for the paladin and he plunges past her. Seeing the attack fail, the blue haired woman jumps down and places her knee into Wyverns back to hold him in place and as he struggles more she ends up holding both of his arms in a hold.

A dialogue between Liliandra and Seirra ends with her allowing Wyvern to stand back up and an agreed meeting the following day at noon. The party retires to the Club and Cauldron and on the next day, the party is unsurprising stood up…..



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