Noma Campaign

Previously, on Dungeon and Dragons

Previously on dungeons and dragons

The party finds themselves in a tavern known as the Duke’s Club speaking to the bartender and ask questions about the Cleric of St. Cuthbert Fitcher. He tells them that a man that matches that description had been staying there and had been seen in the company of a woman known to be the wife of a soldier from the barracks. The same woman had been apparently spending large amounts of gold recently in Limestone

Travelling back to the barracks and ask more questions, none of which really lead anywhere except for a rumour that the woman is the widow of Gen Karnak and had been seen off in the northwest region. Taking a leap of faith, or dumb luck. The party travels towards the forgotten Keep.

As they reach the overgrown road that leads them to the keep, they are stopped by five men in Noma Army gear. They are told that the keep has been taken over by the Army and that no woman or cleric has passed this way. However Haldir suspects a few things that are off in the gear of the men and attempt to force their way through. The soldiers attempt to prevent the group from going north and after a quick conflict, the five guards are killed and have their swords stolen.

Moving north, they find the gates to the keep barred and a man standing on the battlements tell them that the keep is under quarantine by order of the Regional Commander Whiatt and he refuses to open the gates even on presentation of the Order of Sengir. Seeing this as a possible SNAFU some of the party return to the previous battle site and have Honey Boo-Boo maul the remains to make it look like a bear attacked, killed them and looted their swords (wut?)

During this time, an ultimatum had been issued. Open the gates or the group would force their way inside. This results in the withdraw of the men from the battlements and silence from the keep. Sneaking over with the help of magical spider climb, they manage to unbar the gate and as it opens a lone soldier appears from the keep. As the group moves forward, a distinctly female voice yells and two huge ballista bolts come flying out from behind stacks of hey-bails. This is followed by an assault of ten armed men lead by a large man bearing the sigils of St. Cuthbert. The fight is quick and brutal and ends with the party battered but victorious. They manage to overpower the cleric and slip the Shackles of Akkros on him and his struggles cease. The woman however had disappeared back inside the keep during the fight.

Charging through the door expecting a fight, the party finds the woman on her knees sobbing uncontrollably. As they move forward she attacks them ineffectually with loosely balled fists. She is subdued easily and restrained to Wyvern’s horse.

Having their quarry, the party returns to Noma where they hand over Fitcher to the guard captain Humphrey and then proceed to release the woman, who shoots them a look of disgust and vanishes into the crowd



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