Noma Campaign

Previously on Dungeon and Dragon

Previously, On Dungeons and Dragons

The party finds themselves in Palterton in possession of the body of their fallen comrade Rykuro. With feelings at an all time low, they return to Noma with the intent to arrange a funeral for the elf. Without much effort they find an undertaker and purchase a regular burial for their friend.

Shortly after leaving the body of Rykuro at the undertaker, Liliandra has an idea to attempt to reincarnate him into a new body and the party returns and takes the empty body back once again and leave the city limits to set up temporary camp. Yet once they begin the spell, Liliandra finds her resolve wavering and a prophetic view of the future prevents her from completing the ritual. Finding themselves out of pocket 1,000GP and the spell incomplete, they return the body of Rykuro to the previous Undertaker who looks at them oddly and while he was willing to accept the body back, he would have to notify the town guard of a group acting oddly.

They then return to the Green Dragon Tavern and find the bar tended by the associate Sasban while sitting at the bar Jimmy the Hand sits alongside an unnamed Halfling and the Four Seasons sit silently in a booth with untouched drinks in front of them.

Heading through to the back, they inform Grenseal and Turael about the loss of Rykuro and find the reaction from the men lackluster. They proceed to ask them about information concerning the Green Dragon Venomnix and his alleged Half-Sister. Without any further information, the group returns to the common room and commence drinking their sorrows away in the company of Jimmy the Hand and his associate Little Ricky (Ahem Tiny Rick). During their drinking they tell Jimmy of how Rykuro fell. He goes on to tell them that there is no dishonor in dying in such a manner and that it is a good warrior’s death and not to mourn the loss but to celebrate the life.

The following morning, nursing hangovers, the party comes downstairs to find Joshua tending the bar and Jimmy the Hand consuming a steaming plate of meat and a tankard of ale. Wyvern takes the point and orders the same while they wait for the rest to come downstairs. Deciding to continue of their mission to track down and arrest the clerics from Na’Sharadda they figure that Thanatos would make a decent target and decide to head for Corolis. Tiny Rick who happens to overhear the conversation asks if he can tag along as he has business to attend to there. While not exactly trusting the Halfling, they still allow him to accompany them.



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