Noma Campaign

On the last outing

The party had decided to travel to Corolis in hopes of catching up with the Cleric Thanatos and accompanying them was their new associate Rick the Halfling. Arriving in the town, they seek out the captain of the guard, a man named Lebrante, who tells them that a man fitting the description of Thanatos was seen around the tavern the Inn of the Snake Oil. A tavern of somewhat ill repute.

The group splits from their new compatriot and continue to search for the Cleric of Nerull. While they question the tavern owner Mondo, the Halfling Rick decides to weight his pockets some more and starts to stakeout the mercantile area.

The party questions Mondo, who informs them that Thanatos was here and met several times with a strange man who has ties to the Scorpion Strike monk order. They finally catch up with the man who tells them that Thanatos was looking to hire some of his students and the last he saw the cleric was on route to the Monastery.

As they are walking the streets, they come across Rick being led away by the town guard in chains, alledgely under arrest for Affray and possible theft. Exasperated, the party vouches for him and are able to negotiate his release and from there they travel north to the Scorpion Strike monk Monastery and met a man named Marlowe who tells them that Thanatos had paid them for the hire of three of his students. However he declines to answer any questions pertaining to why they were hired.

With more questions filling their minds, they return to Noma City and speak to Humphrey who tells them that the Slayers had returned to Noma with the Cleric Jeane and discover the Four Seasons dragging the bloody and beaten body of the Cleric Tony. They question the clerics held in Noma and find few new pieces of information, however Jeane gives them some surprising advice and they decide to travel to Dalaran to hopefully catch up with Thanatos.

On route to Dalaran, they once again come across the Vagabond Gaspar. But this time he has company in the form of a man named Hai Yo. They stay a while and talk with the two men and when darkness sets in, they accost Hai Yo and effectively kidnapp him and lead him back to Noma in cuffs. As soon as they hand him over and remove one of the shackles, he uses Dimension Door and disappears from view.

Annoyed with the mistake, they take up the quest for Thanatos again and travel towards Dalaran again



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