Noma Campaign

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The party find themselves in Mandfall at the Keen Ogre Bar having convinced Miklotov the Halfling to accompany them back to Noma. As they head downstairs, they notice that Wyvern the Paladin had not yet joined them. A quick search of his room and they find all of his things missing and no sign of him. As they come back down, the barkeeper Hans tells them that he left over night but had left a hastily scrawled note that says that he is trying to return to a more pure path and he apologises for his inability to continue with them, drawing mixed responses from the others.

However, they decide to forge on without the Paladin and wait for Miklotov to join them. During their wait, a strange man with odd eyes speaks to Hans about possible Mercenary work. The party see this as a way to continue to have a full team and the man, who identifies himself as a Fenricks Sheepx. (Ahem) Fenris Sheex, sees this as an opportunity to team up with some other like-minded individuals. Following a short tense conversation, the party welcomes him somewhat lukewarmly.

Follow this, they make their way towards Noma but in the way they meet Gaspar the wandering Vagabond and on the following day they come across a column of heavy Calvary led by the Sengir Knight captain Thomas Glatz who questions them due to the amount of weaponry they’re carrying and Aseria throws the question back to the Knight of the Noble house who looks puzzled momentarily. A few tense moments later, Thomas returns to the Column of heavily armoured knights and they proceed south.

Arriving back in Noma, the group return to the Green Dragon Tavern and speak to Grenseal and Turael about both Rick and Fenris joining the Adventurers Guild. The guild master inform them that entry to the guild will only be considered if someone powerful acts as their patron. Leaving, they discuss at length who they could possibly beseech for the two new members. Finally, they decide of the High Wizard Crowley Thran as the best person and they leave the city limits and find his Tower.

The Party enters Crowley’s tower and congregate in the sitting room. Shortly after the large figure of Lysander ascends the stairs and asks what their business is. After a conversation, where Lysander agrees to speak for his father and patron Fenris happily after his spiel, and begrudgingly patron the Halfling Rick, whilst warning any dishonest dealings he would see as a personal slight.

Whistling, they return to the Green Dragon Tavern where they hand over the parchment, given by Lysander, to Grenseal who declares it all in order and welcomes the two new guild members. They then all decide to get blackout drunk where Miklotov declines an Aseria sandwich, Fenris belches fire and general shenanigans happen.

The next morning, feeling a little worse for wear, the party groups back in the taproom and wait for Miklotov to come down. When he does, they lay out a plan and ask for his communication stone, which he unfortunately declines. When asked if he refuses from a position of loyalty or fear to Thanatos, he replies with both. Following this they request that he stay in Noma whilst they continue on their quest and Miklotov agrees to stay for the time being.

Judging their next course of action to travel north and speak to the Lord of the North Firion Wolfcloak, the party sets of towards Kerrigan



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