Noma Campaign

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Having returned to Noma with the cleric of St. Cuthburt, Fitcher in custody. The party arrives back at the Green Dragon Tavern and while they wait and discuss their next move, a scroll is delivered to them from Baron Luther. It is a simple request, to accompany the bodies of the Wyrmwood Crew back to Palderton.

Retrieving the cart holding the former adventurers, the party travels south-east towards Palderton. When they arrive, they are informed that their destination is a small village on the edge of the Wyrmwood. Moving on, they find the village without issue.

There, they meet the village elder. He solemnly takes ownership of the bodies with the intent to bury them with their rituals, but he is also glad they had arrived. He tells them of a creature attacking the outlaying areas and killing, mutilating and devouring farm animals. While he is unsure what exactly it is, he figures it is hiding out in the actual forest, and he goes on to tell them about a Woodcutter named Kirk who lives in the woods.

From there they enter the dense woods and follow a rather small path where they eventually come to a small clearing with a small house located there. However they find half the house destroyed and still smouldering. Following three sets of tracks that lead to the east they find an area where the canopy is not as dense but discover the charred remains of what once was a woman attempting to shield a child. On closer inspection they find a silver necklace unharmed by the fire and loot the child of this.

As they travel further east, they come across a crevasse with a rope bridge across it. As they go to cross they begin to hear a faint moaning sound, investigating further they find a man covered with burns and find the metal armour melted to his skin and severely in pain. He is only able to speak a few words concerning the fate of his wife and child.

Giving the Ex-soldier final peace, the follow the shrieks and come across ruins of what appears an old temple. As they enter the clearing a shadow passes over them again and a huge green dragon appears and lands heavily on the roof of the main structure, Sending debris flying down.

The Dragon introduces himself as Venomnix, a green dragon from the south. As the conversation continues, Venomnix’s body language and suave speech disarms the party and they follow his lead and ascend the stairs leading into the temple, as they enter the room, the dragon springs his trap and unleashes a breath of highly corrosive flaming acid into the single room.

The conflict is quick and decisively one sided and ends with Venomnix pinning the Elven Ranger Rykuro in his mighty talons, flying up high into the air and drops the elf to his death. Taking advantage of the disarray from the party struck between a murderous Haldir trying to kill them and the bloody and broken body of Rykuro laying lifeless at Wyvern’s feet, Venomnix retreats.



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