Noma Campaign

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The party finds themselves facing one of the forts that had previously been held by the Orc Warlord Klaw. Accompanying them, Warchief Gilbert and fifteen of the northern Barbarans.

Moving cautiously towards the fort, they find the fortifications rebuilt and sturdy and order the Barbarans to chop it down who complete the job quickly. As they enter the courtyard they see the fortress itself carved from the Rock and two freestanding double level buildings. They split up and each take a building to clear. The party takes the right hand building and discover Orc warriors inside. This is followed shortly by Liliandra casting a flame strike that ignites the whole building.

Declaring both structures clear, they move into the main fort and after a quick half cut proceed to rip the door off its hinges and gain entry. From there they carefully explore the fort and eventually come across a large Orc missing his left eye and brandishing a battle-axe. Aseria, having had enough of the run around casts a spell that causes the Orc to die from fear.

The party finds themselves on the lower floor of one of Klaw’s two fortress’ standing at the base of a staircase leading up, a metal door to their left and a corridor leading away with a black curtain preventing further view. The sound of conversation coming from behind the door, whereas down the corridor a faint manic laughter. The Halfling Tiny Rock decides to sneak up to the curtain and discreetly check behind it. As he sticks his head inside, he witnesses a powerfully built person sitting cross-legged inside a rune written circle glowing faintly red. Withdrawing slowly, Rick tells the rest about what he saw. A plan is formulated and action takes place. Fenris uses his abilities to push the curtain aside, this is followed by Aseria lobbing a fireball into the room along with Rick tossing a Tanglefoot bag.

The blast from the fireball explodes and engulfs the room and dissipates as quickly as it appeared leaving singe marks over the humanoid however the Tanglefoot bag seems to bounce off an invisible wall of force. As this happens, the humanoid stands up to reveal itself as a well muscular woman, more handsome than beautiful. She cracks her knuckles and rolls her shoulders and proceeds to charge the group and kicks Rick solidly. A full blown melee erupts and ends with the woman disappearing suddenly. After the battle, Rick walks through the curtain in the corridor and is kicked in the face again, yet manages to stand his ground and the bloody fight continues until they finally manage to kill the woman.

Following the battle, the party eavesdrop on the metal door and hear a conversation and what appears to be a scuffle. After gaining entry to the room, they find a severely wounded Klaw gurgling on his own blood. Taking the opportunity, Fenris removes the metal pincer from the large orc and proceed to violate the dead warlord. As this is happening, Gilbert enters the room to witness the dead orc. Gilbert says that every area seems to be cleared and he plans to return to Astin Springs. Picking up the three bodies they deemed important for transit.

Arriving back in Astin Springs, Gilbet intends to spend the night before staring back towards Kerrigan. Taking the time to rest, the party returns to the Angel’s Mug Inn. Inside they find it quite busy and are surprised to find the blue haired woman Seirra Milkain speaking to another man with a slight hunchback and a lazy eye and she was looking quite pleased. Fenris and Rick both approach her and initiate a conversation. The man introduces himself as Krin (hoot hoot) a dealer in secrets. Opting to attempt to trade with Krin, Fenris and Rick speak to him in private in his room upstairs. The conversation goes bad and Krin finds himself on the receiving end of Rick’s knife and goes down. Now they find themselves in possession of a body. Help comes in the unlikely form of Aseria who manages to teleport the body and dumps it down river.

The next morning, the party and the remainder of the Barbarians start the journey back to Kerrigan and arrive back safely a few days later where they are welcomed by Firion as heroes and Fenris presents the Pincer of Klaw to the Barbarian king who then tells them that he plans a party to honor them

The group awakes in the northern barbarian camp of Kerrigan after a night of revelry. They then make plans to depart back to Noma bearing the bodies of both Cid and Ridley. Leaving quickly, they make the return trip without issue and make their way to the town guard chapterhouse and deliver the cadavers of the former clerics to Humphrey who looks over them oddly.

From there, the party returns to the Green Dragon Tavern and are surprised to find Veldrane in attendance and having a discussion with both Jimmy the Hand and Sasban. As soon as he notices the group, he calls them over to discuss business further. Lord Sengir tells them that he has called a War Council in two weeks and that the mission he had given them months prior needs to be finished up within that time. Veldrane also says that he will task another group to help them. That group being The Four Seasons. With a new time limit set, they wait for the Halfling Miklotov to return to the Green Dragon and on his arrival they jump him and attempt to put him into custody. Seeing this Grenseal chastises the group for their conduct and questions their motives and a heated conversation happens between Grenseal and Fenris. They succeed and turn Miklotov over to the town guard.

A plan is formulated, The Four Seasons would travel north to Kerrigan and then onto Corran Pass whilst the party travels west to Limestone. Acting on this plan, the two groups split and set out.

Arriving in the Limstone region, the party presents themselves to Regional Commander Whiatt and inform him of their intentions. Upon seeing the Order of Sengir he accepts them back into Limestone and the party travels into the township and start asking about the two clerics supposedly in town. It doesn’t take long for the group to discover the location. That of a tavern known as the Dukes Club.

Arriving late at the Dukes Club, they find the tavern busy and discover the two female clerics drinking by themselves. Purchasing another bottle filled of spirits, both Rick and Fenris approach them leaving Haldir, Liliandra and Aseria by the bar where Aseria decides to partake of the Dukes Club’s particular delicacies x2.

Fenris and Rick however decide to turn the charm on, and while Rick strikes out, Fenris is successful in flirting and the four of them retire upstairs where after significantly more alcohol, they manage to get the Shackles of Akkos onto the clerics who start to cause a ruckus. Silencing the two women, they make a plan to Dimension door them out a plan requiring the presence of Aseria.

The plan works splendidly, and the party beats a hasty retreat from Limestone back to Noma where they once again hand over the clerics to Humphrey. They return to the Green Dragon Tavern where they find The Four Seasons waiting for them. When quizzed about the tasks set for them, they reply that they did what was requested and brought back the two clerics by any means necessary

The Party picks back up in the city of Noma, awaiting the commencing of Lord Sengir’s war council. While they waste time just waiting around, purchasing various items and relaxing. As the day draws nearer, they find themselves waiting around the taproom of the Green Dragon Tavern when the town guard captain Humphrey walks in with an odd look on his face. He speaks with Sasban quickly and then hurries into the back room to speak with both Grenseal and Turael. Not long after this, Humphrey returns to the main room and asks the party to the guild room to discuss something.

When they all gather inside the guild room, Humphrey, in a roundabout way, alleges that he believes the party may be guilty of breaking the law. While he understands that the group may have been working on behalf of Lord Sengir, Veldrane is not above the law and Humphrey intends to get to get to the bottom of it. He also goes on to mention the oddity of the two bodies he possesses as well as the behaviour of the Four Seasons who say they were operating under orders from the party. Taking his leave, Humphrey says that he will be following up on this at a later date.

Momentarilly taken aback, the group return to the taproom to see Baron Luther enter dressed in his compleate black armour with the golden sun emblazoned across the chest. He has a momentary discussion with Jimmy the Hand, including a fake out handshake and fist bump. They both have a laugh about it and Luther continues through to the back room.

The following morning is the day of the war council and everyone attends. Including the three Noble house lords as well as a majority of the Adventurers Guild and surprisingly a number of other people not expected. During the council, Veldrane informs all in attendance about some new information that has come to him.

Veldrane tells the assembled people that General Teo and a majority of the third legion have been ordered to withdraw by the Empress herself and that a civil war has apparently broken out in the Devinter Imperium and the leader of the rebels is the son of Teo. After laying out some of the details, Veldrane says that Lord Kasos is organizing the operation and that all people with an opinion should speak to him over the next few weeks. From this, everyone disperces and the party returns to the Green Dragon Tavern to discuss it further.

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The party decide to head to Kerrigan and see the Lord of the Northern Barbarans Firion Wolfcloak. Traveling directly without issue, they reach the hills overlooking the encampment and are greeted by a group of armed Barbarans. Even after they introduce themselves and show the Order of Sengir, they are denied entry. However the Warchief Gilbert hears their story and says to wait.

A while later some warriors approach and say that Firion will see one of them to discuss their business. The party all step back and leave Liliandra standing forward. The Druidess enters Kerrigan with the armed men and meet Firion, who is sporting a new circular scar in his abdomen, in the company of Gilbert. She explains that they are searching for the defeated Orc Warlord Klaw and two of his new associates. Firion says that they have no new information about his whereabouts but suspects that he’d be hiding out in the Noma Mountains still. But if they were to find him, he would be willing to assist.

Leaving Kerrigan, the party heads South-East to Astin Springs and decide to spend the night before moving into the foothills. As they enter the bar, they find the man Bolgan. Who upon seeing them starts to look squirrelly. Deciding to gather closely around him, the party press him for information and Haldir claps his hand tightly on to his shoulder. As they effectively interrogate him, he offers to exchange any info based on a game of chance. Fenris, not wanting to play games aggressively intimidates the man into telling him what he knows. As he does, the bartender Jabba, an elderly man, produces a large club from under the bar and slaps it down on the bar and says not to trouble his patrons. Something that Fenris takes offense to and intimidates the bartender into backing down. Bolgan takes this time to finish off his drink and tells them that he had heard Klaw was taking one of his forts back and after telling them this beats a quick exit stage right.

The next morning, they travel north-easy and find the fortress based on memory and discover tracks leading to and from the fort. They decide to follow the tracks east (redacted. Angry DM. Invisible wall of Force. Fuck spider climb. Stupid to say 3 sets of footprints. Etc. )

Arriving back at the fort, with fifteen Barbarans and the Warchief Gilbert they decide to walk in and see what happens

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The party find themselves in Mandfall at the Keen Ogre Bar having convinced Miklotov the Halfling to accompany them back to Noma. As they head downstairs, they notice that Wyvern the Paladin had not yet joined them. A quick search of his room and they find all of his things missing and no sign of him. As they come back down, the barkeeper Hans tells them that he left over night but had left a hastily scrawled note that says that he is trying to return to a more pure path and he apologises for his inability to continue with them, drawing mixed responses from the others.

However, they decide to forge on without the Paladin and wait for Miklotov to join them. During their wait, a strange man with odd eyes speaks to Hans about possible Mercenary work. The party see this as a way to continue to have a full team and the man, who identifies himself as a Fenricks Sheepx. (Ahem) Fenris Sheex, sees this as an opportunity to team up with some other like-minded individuals. Following a short tense conversation, the party welcomes him somewhat lukewarmly.

Follow this, they make their way towards Noma but in the way they meet Gaspar the wandering Vagabond and on the following day they come across a column of heavy Calvary led by the Sengir Knight captain Thomas Glatz who questions them due to the amount of weaponry they’re carrying and Aseria throws the question back to the Knight of the Noble house who looks puzzled momentarily. A few tense moments later, Thomas returns to the Column of heavily armoured knights and they proceed south.

Arriving back in Noma, the group return to the Green Dragon Tavern and speak to Grenseal and Turael about both Rick and Fenris joining the Adventurers Guild. The guild master inform them that entry to the guild will only be considered if someone powerful acts as their patron. Leaving, they discuss at length who they could possibly beseech for the two new members. Finally, they decide of the High Wizard Crowley Thran as the best person and they leave the city limits and find his Tower.

The Party enters Crowley’s tower and congregate in the sitting room. Shortly after the large figure of Lysander ascends the stairs and asks what their business is. After a conversation, where Lysander agrees to speak for his father and patron Fenris happily after his spiel, and begrudgingly patron the Halfling Rick, whilst warning any dishonest dealings he would see as a personal slight.

Whistling, they return to the Green Dragon Tavern where they hand over the parchment, given by Lysander, to Grenseal who declares it all in order and welcomes the two new guild members. They then all decide to get blackout drunk where Miklotov declines an Aseria sandwich, Fenris belches fire and general shenanigans happen.

The next morning, feeling a little worse for wear, the party groups back in the taproom and wait for Miklotov to come down. When he does, they lay out a plan and ask for his communication stone, which he unfortunately declines. When asked if he refuses from a position of loyalty or fear to Thanatos, he replies with both. Following this they request that he stay in Noma whilst they continue on their quest and Miklotov agrees to stay for the time being.

Judging their next course of action to travel north and speak to the Lord of the North Firion Wolfcloak, the party sets of towards Kerrigan

The Search Continues

Previously, on Dungeons and Dragons

The party finds themselves in the port of Dalaran in search of Thanatos. Entering the city gates, the group is stopped by the cleric Hai Yo who they had recently captured and allowed to escape. He accosts the party and asks that they return the property that they had stolen from him. As they refuse, he simply nods and appears to teleport away leaving the party on guard.

Moments later, a breathless man catches up to them and hands over a letter bearing the seal of Sengir. Inside is a list of names and more information from the Oracle of the Kabilites Esmeralda. Taking this new information on board they continue to search and end up speaking to the Town Guard Captain Killey. Where they continue to follow up some leads.

During this time, Aseria decides to play with fire and activate the wand stolen from Hai Yo without understanding the magics behind it. Both Haldir and Liliandra decide to also put their lives in possible danger and hold on for the ride. As they disappear from view, they find themselves cramped inside a wooden box. Forcing their way out they find themselves in a small sparely furnished room. Ransacking the room, they find 11 gold pieces hidden in a sock. They take that and investigate further and find the exit leads into an alleyway. Sending Haru to find both Rick and Wyvern they decide to lay an ambush and wait.

Later that night they hear the sounds of someone approaching, they ready themselves and the person opens the door and enters. The man who just enters as soon as he sees the heavily armed and armored group standing in his room starts to back up and call for the town guards. Realizing that they may have made a mistake, attempt to bribe him into staying quiet. Which kind of works up until they try and threaten him again, which prompt him to once again yell loudly for the town guard.

Moments later, a group of armed towns guard arrive and proceed to detain the six people. While the man claims that the party had trespassed into his house, the party denies any wrongdoing. Erring on the side of caution, with a obviously well armed group in front of them, the town guard cautiously lead them back to the main chaperhouse.

There they explain their side of the story to Killey. Who while understanding the nature of their mission, that further infractions of the law will be dealt with swiftly and without bias. Accepting this judgement, they quickly leave and formulate a plan to travel around the nearby mountains to Mandfall.

Finding their way to Mandfall easily, they begin to search for the Cleric of Yondalla Miklotov. Firstly, they speak to Richmond the Town Guard Captain who tells them that someone similar was seen around town. Secondly they find their way to the Keen Ogre and the owner Clive who offers to help them, for a price. As some of the party attempt to intimidate the man behind the bar, Clive speaks softly to Haldir that attacking him would mean that “no one would find your body”

After the deliberations, Clive offers the services of his associate Kinnison, who develops an immediate animosity with Rick, that leads to the Halfling attempting to pickpocket the man while in full view. Attempting to relish in his victory by displaying two of Kinnison’s rings, the man holds up Rick’s entire coin purse. Refusing to return Kinnison’s rings leads the man to condescend to the Halfling who takes offense and attempts to stab the man, but fails.

Kinnison smiles and declares his job done after this, and points out a Halfling preforming tricks for a crowd. Waiting until the performance is finished, the party approach him and question him intently about his identity, that he denies for a time. After a while, they manage to discern his true identity and he invites them back to his accommodation to discuss it in a more private setting.

On the last outing

The party had decided to travel to Corolis in hopes of catching up with the Cleric Thanatos and accompanying them was their new associate Rick the Halfling. Arriving in the town, they seek out the captain of the guard, a man named Lebrante, who tells them that a man fitting the description of Thanatos was seen around the tavern the Inn of the Snake Oil. A tavern of somewhat ill repute.

The group splits from their new compatriot and continue to search for the Cleric of Nerull. While they question the tavern owner Mondo, the Halfling Rick decides to weight his pockets some more and starts to stakeout the mercantile area.

The party questions Mondo, who informs them that Thanatos was here and met several times with a strange man who has ties to the Scorpion Strike monk order. They finally catch up with the man who tells them that Thanatos was looking to hire some of his students and the last he saw the cleric was on route to the Monastery.

As they are walking the streets, they come across Rick being led away by the town guard in chains, alledgely under arrest for Affray and possible theft. Exasperated, the party vouches for him and are able to negotiate his release and from there they travel north to the Scorpion Strike monk Monastery and met a man named Marlowe who tells them that Thanatos had paid them for the hire of three of his students. However he declines to answer any questions pertaining to why they were hired.

With more questions filling their minds, they return to Noma City and speak to Humphrey who tells them that the Slayers had returned to Noma with the Cleric Jeane and discover the Four Seasons dragging the bloody and beaten body of the Cleric Tony. They question the clerics held in Noma and find few new pieces of information, however Jeane gives them some surprising advice and they decide to travel to Dalaran to hopefully catch up with Thanatos.

On route to Dalaran, they once again come across the Vagabond Gaspar. But this time he has company in the form of a man named Hai Yo. They stay a while and talk with the two men and when darkness sets in, they accost Hai Yo and effectively kidnapp him and lead him back to Noma in cuffs. As soon as they hand him over and remove one of the shackles, he uses Dimension Door and disappears from view.

Annoyed with the mistake, they take up the quest for Thanatos again and travel towards Dalaran again

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Previously, On Dungeons and Dragons

The party finds themselves in Palterton in possession of the body of their fallen comrade Rykuro. With feelings at an all time low, they return to Noma with the intent to arrange a funeral for the elf. Without much effort they find an undertaker and purchase a regular burial for their friend.

Shortly after leaving the body of Rykuro at the undertaker, Liliandra has an idea to attempt to reincarnate him into a new body and the party returns and takes the empty body back once again and leave the city limits to set up temporary camp. Yet once they begin the spell, Liliandra finds her resolve wavering and a prophetic view of the future prevents her from completing the ritual. Finding themselves out of pocket 1,000GP and the spell incomplete, they return the body of Rykuro to the previous Undertaker who looks at them oddly and while he was willing to accept the body back, he would have to notify the town guard of a group acting oddly.

They then return to the Green Dragon Tavern and find the bar tended by the associate Sasban while sitting at the bar Jimmy the Hand sits alongside an unnamed Halfling and the Four Seasons sit silently in a booth with untouched drinks in front of them.

Heading through to the back, they inform Grenseal and Turael about the loss of Rykuro and find the reaction from the men lackluster. They proceed to ask them about information concerning the Green Dragon Venomnix and his alleged Half-Sister. Without any further information, the group returns to the common room and commence drinking their sorrows away in the company of Jimmy the Hand and his associate Little Ricky (Ahem Tiny Rick). During their drinking they tell Jimmy of how Rykuro fell. He goes on to tell them that there is no dishonor in dying in such a manner and that it is a good warrior’s death and not to mourn the loss but to celebrate the life.

The following morning, nursing hangovers, the party comes downstairs to find Joshua tending the bar and Jimmy the Hand consuming a steaming plate of meat and a tankard of ale. Wyvern takes the point and orders the same while they wait for the rest to come downstairs. Deciding to continue of their mission to track down and arrest the clerics from Na’Sharadda they figure that Thanatos would make a decent target and decide to head for Corolis. Tiny Rick who happens to overhear the conversation asks if he can tag along as he has business to attend to there. While not exactly trusting the Halfling, they still allow him to accompany them.

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Having returned to Noma with the cleric of St. Cuthburt, Fitcher in custody. The party arrives back at the Green Dragon Tavern and while they wait and discuss their next move, a scroll is delivered to them from Baron Luther. It is a simple request, to accompany the bodies of the Wyrmwood Crew back to Palderton.

Retrieving the cart holding the former adventurers, the party travels south-east towards Palderton. When they arrive, they are informed that their destination is a small village on the edge of the Wyrmwood. Moving on, they find the village without issue.

There, they meet the village elder. He solemnly takes ownership of the bodies with the intent to bury them with their rituals, but he is also glad they had arrived. He tells them of a creature attacking the outlaying areas and killing, mutilating and devouring farm animals. While he is unsure what exactly it is, he figures it is hiding out in the actual forest, and he goes on to tell them about a Woodcutter named Kirk who lives in the woods.

From there they enter the dense woods and follow a rather small path where they eventually come to a small clearing with a small house located there. However they find half the house destroyed and still smouldering. Following three sets of tracks that lead to the east they find an area where the canopy is not as dense but discover the charred remains of what once was a woman attempting to shield a child. On closer inspection they find a silver necklace unharmed by the fire and loot the child of this.

As they travel further east, they come across a crevasse with a rope bridge across it. As they go to cross they begin to hear a faint moaning sound, investigating further they find a man covered with burns and find the metal armour melted to his skin and severely in pain. He is only able to speak a few words concerning the fate of his wife and child.

Giving the Ex-soldier final peace, the follow the shrieks and come across ruins of what appears an old temple. As they enter the clearing a shadow passes over them again and a huge green dragon appears and lands heavily on the roof of the main structure, Sending debris flying down.

The Dragon introduces himself as Venomnix, a green dragon from the south. As the conversation continues, Venomnix’s body language and suave speech disarms the party and they follow his lead and ascend the stairs leading into the temple, as they enter the room, the dragon springs his trap and unleashes a breath of highly corrosive flaming acid into the single room.

The conflict is quick and decisively one sided and ends with Venomnix pinning the Elven Ranger Rykuro in his mighty talons, flying up high into the air and drops the elf to his death. Taking advantage of the disarray from the party struck between a murderous Haldir trying to kill them and the bloody and broken body of Rykuro laying lifeless at Wyvern’s feet, Venomnix retreats.

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The party finds themselves in a tavern known as the Duke’s Club speaking to the bartender and ask questions about the Cleric of St. Cuthbert Fitcher. He tells them that a man that matches that description had been staying there and had been seen in the company of a woman known to be the wife of a soldier from the barracks. The same woman had been apparently spending large amounts of gold recently in Limestone

Travelling back to the barracks and ask more questions, none of which really lead anywhere except for a rumour that the woman is the widow of Gen Karnak and had been seen off in the northwest region. Taking a leap of faith, or dumb luck. The party travels towards the forgotten Keep.

As they reach the overgrown road that leads them to the keep, they are stopped by five men in Noma Army gear. They are told that the keep has been taken over by the Army and that no woman or cleric has passed this way. However Haldir suspects a few things that are off in the gear of the men and attempt to force their way through. The soldiers attempt to prevent the group from going north and after a quick conflict, the five guards are killed and have their swords stolen.

Moving north, they find the gates to the keep barred and a man standing on the battlements tell them that the keep is under quarantine by order of the Regional Commander Whiatt and he refuses to open the gates even on presentation of the Order of Sengir. Seeing this as a possible SNAFU some of the party return to the previous battle site and have Honey Boo-Boo maul the remains to make it look like a bear attacked, killed them and looted their swords (wut?)

During this time, an ultimatum had been issued. Open the gates or the group would force their way inside. This results in the withdraw of the men from the battlements and silence from the keep. Sneaking over with the help of magical spider climb, they manage to unbar the gate and as it opens a lone soldier appears from the keep. As the group moves forward, a distinctly female voice yells and two huge ballista bolts come flying out from behind stacks of hey-bails. This is followed by an assault of ten armed men lead by a large man bearing the sigils of St. Cuthbert. The fight is quick and brutal and ends with the party battered but victorious. They manage to overpower the cleric and slip the Shackles of Akkros on him and his struggles cease. The woman however had disappeared back inside the keep during the fight.

Charging through the door expecting a fight, the party finds the woman on her knees sobbing uncontrollably. As they move forward she attacks them ineffectually with loosely balled fists. She is subdued easily and restrained to Wyvern’s horse.

Having their quarry, the party returns to Noma where they hand over Fitcher to the guard captain Humphrey and then proceed to release the woman, who shoots them a look of disgust and vanishes into the crowd

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Previously, on Dungeons and Dragons

The party finds themselves in the company of Baron Luther, Filk of the Blue-Lightning and the Cleric from Na’Sharadda Shin. Shin finishes relaying the information about the other clerics he arrived with as well as offering a warning to be cautious of Thanatos as he was the leader, not by virtue, but by might.

Following up after the conversation, Luther informs the party that the Imperials from Devinter have requested a meeting on the next morning and he would welcome the additional back-up. He then organizes lodging for them and they retire for the night.

On the morrow, the party is greeted by a lieutenant and brought to the front where Luther, Filk and Shin await them with a company of soldiers and mounted Knights. Traveling some distance from the garrison, they are greeted by the General Teo McDolh and a legion of troops. To the right of the General, four hooded figures are held on their knees by Imperial soldiers with knives held to their throats. After a small exchange between Luther and Teo, the imperial general signals for the hoods to be removed and the figures are revealed as the Wyrmwood Crew. As Luther steps forward the four of them are executed and kicked into the dirt. Luther barely contains his anger and tightens the grip on his Morningstar. Teo spouts off some spiel about Noma people have no business in Devinter territory and turns and leads his troops away. Luther sorts out some soldiers to clean up the bodies and then storms away with Filk.

Returning to the southern garrison, the party decides to wait for the cart returning the bodies of the Wyrmwood Crew to leave for Noma and accompany the black cloaked ‘undertaker’. Arriving back in Noma, the cart driver makes for the Green Dragon Tavern and leaves the cart around the back and enters the tavern through the front. As the cart driver steps through to the back rooms, he removes his cloak and reveals himself to be none other than the Baron Luther, much to the shock of the party. He asks them to wait while he speaks to the guild master.

Moments after he enters the back room, the party can hear raised voices that cut off sharply. Luther then opens the door and invites the group in. Inside they find Grenseal on his feet and Turael flat on his ass holding a red and black mark on his face. Luther demands that Turael discloses what exactly the Wyrmwood Crew were doing in Devinter. Turael says that they were sent to investigate the Necropolis of Provost and the rumors of Nagash returning and the possibility that he has agents working for him in the Adventurers Guild or to implicate the Party as associated with the Lichlord.

Luther concludes his visit with a thinly veiled threat to not conduct business in the Devinter Imperium without his knowledge and now his authorization. He leaves with that said, leaving a group of stunned party members with Grenseal and Turael nursing his black eye and then told to “get out”.

Figuring now is a good time to leave, the party travels to Limestone to search out another Cleric. They find their way to the town guard captain and ask some questions that don’t really lead anywhere. They then go to the military garrison and demand to see the Regional Commander Whiatt. The guards at the gates, knowing them, effectively arrest them and drag them before Whiatt who enquirers about their business here.

With a move that might cause whiplash, they produce the Order of Sengir. Whiatt takes it from them and scrutinizes it. He finds it to be legitimate and asks how he can assist in their endeavor. They give him a quick run down on what they’re doing and say that any information found to be passed on.

With that they return to the town to investigate a woman who is supposedly only awake while the sun goes down, it is at the Club and Cauldron they find the owner Alberto dressed in finery who seems free with information and innuendo. Money changes hands, favors are exchanged and the woman who goes by the name of Sierra Milkain leads two of the party on a goose chase but returns as Haldir perpetrates break and enter.

On the roof, Wyvern sees the woman return and attempts to jump down on her, even twisting fate fails for the paladin and he plunges past her. Seeing the attack fail, the blue haired woman jumps down and places her knee into Wyverns back to hold him in place and as he struggles more she ends up holding both of his arms in a hold.

A dialogue between Liliandra and Seirra ends with her allowing Wyvern to stand back up and an agreed meeting the following day at noon. The party retires to the Club and Cauldron and on the next day, the party is unsurprising stood up…..

So. Previously, on Dungeons and Dragons

Finding themselves in Dalaran and in the company of the Slayers once again. Speaking to Cyrus Guardia, he informs them that they have two leads to follow up and that he wishes them to investigate a strange ship that arrived from Na’Sharadda.

Cyrus tells them that their best bet is to find the Black Barnacle Tavern as that is the most likely place to find the information. Traveling to the docks, they find the Black Barnacle quite easily and enter. Inside they speak to the owner Raura who points out two men sitting in a booth drinking from a bottle of whiskey. Wyvern decides to purchase an identical bottle and the group meanders over.

A well dressed man with an eye patch and a topless bald man covered with tattoos, they both turn and eye the party as they walk up. He introduces himself and his first mate as Georg Prime and Jess respectively. A quick discussion ends with a bargain being struck for a list of his nineteen passengers for five hundred gold pieces.

Georg says that he will provide the list at a later time of day and continues to drink. Mid-Afternoon both him and his first mate stumble back to their ship, the Manxman. Not long after, a single sailor drops from the ship and returns to the tavern and delivers the list to the party.

Taking this list to Cyrus in Baroness’ Carters manor they hand it over to him. Cyrus looks over it and questions one of the name’s on the list as someone they mentioned the day before, Thanatos. Cyrus says that they plan to travel to Corolis in the hopes of catching up with the dark clad man.The discussion turns heated however as Zaggrathond dismisses Aseria with a full blown insult. The groups split with Aseria and Haldir plotting revenge and Cyrus glaring at the Swordsman.

The following day, the party sets out for the Southern Garrison to seek council with the Baron Luther. Finding their way there quite easily, they are granted access to the main camp and are greeted coldly by Filk of the Blue Lightning. Asking what their business is, they tell him that they needed to speak to the High Cleric. Filk says that he will inform Luther and they can wait in another tent.

Some time later, a soldier returns and requests Wyvern to come with him and leads him to the command tent where he finds both Luther and Filk talking over a map of the area. Wyvern tells them that he believes one of his friends may be tainted by the Shadow Who Walks. Luther says that the Shadow often possesses an inanimate object and wears down the will of of his intended target. Wyvern then implicates Haldir as tainted by the Shadow. Luther asks for them to bring him here, so that he can see for himself.

Both Wyvern and Filk return to the tent and ask Haldir to accompany them back to the command tent, while Filk keeps one hand on his sword hilt. Haldir however, refuses to submit his weaponry and causes Filk to call for some Soldiers who enter the tent with weapons drawn. After a tense standoff, Haldir is disarmed and let to the command tent.

There Luther looks over Haldir and proclaims that he is untainted as of yet, however his sword is coated with darkness. From behind Luther comes a man dressed in an orange gi and yellow turban. He is introduced as Shin, a cleric of Pelor from Na’Sharadda. He promptly casts a divine light over the weapon and the shadow shoots out and through the tent wall. Luther speculates that the shadow was likely an echo of the Shadow Who Walks, a remnant of his dark will that turns the will of his victims.

Figuring that they had managed to rectify this situation, they return to Noma and the Green Dragon Inn and speak to Grenseal and Turael and inform them of what they had found. The Guild Master, still thinking to make them scarce around Noma, send them to Mara to investigate a missing member of the Band of the Morningsong.

On route to Mara, the party come across a black armored man verbally assaulting two women in a cart full of produce. The group manage to ride almost all the way up to the man before he notices them, however once he notices Wyvern’s heraldry he challenges him to a duel.

During the altercation, Wyvern is unhorsed and assisted by Haldir who attacks the man in the back. After a few moments the man returns his flail behind his cloak and declares the duel over and Wyvern to be dishonorable and begins to walk towards Noma. Leaving the party semi-confused and in the company of the two women. They decide to accompany the cart back to the outskirts of Noma where they leave and make their way to Mara.

A few questions to the population and they are directed to an estate on the outskirts of the town. There they find a large estate situated on pristine grounds and a stone wall surrounding it. Finding the metal gates, they enter and find immaculate gardens that are obviously tented meticulously. There they locate the doors covered with a mosaic of a songbird over a rising sun. Ringing a bell to the right of the door, they are greeted by a butler who scrutinizes their paperwork and shows them into a lounge room to await one of his masters


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