A Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 campaign set in the Noma region on Sol.

The Independancy of Noma, situated on the northern part of the continent. Ruled over by the Noble houses of Sengir, Stromkirk and Markov, Noma is a largely peaceful region patrolled regularly by members of the Noma Army and Knights dedicated to the noble houses.

Lord Veldrane Sengir, Widely regarded as the ruler of the region, while young has been instrumental and successful in a number of negotiations with the various factions that reside and operate in Noma. Including treaties with the Barbarian King Firion Wolfcloak, The Lord of Leaves Gareth Dra’lanu and The King Under the Mountain Thanna Highbluff.

Rich farmland in the North-West of the Noma region provides a large percentage of the produce of the country. A mercantile syndicate operates heavily in the area and works to ensure that the produce is distributed through the country in an orderly fashion.

The North-Eastern Mountains is rich with minerals and precious gems. The town of Corran Pass, cut from the rock itself, operates both as the main mine for the human races but also as the main entrance to the deep roads of the Dwarven Thaigs. The nearby river Tiber that flows south is littered with barges that travel back and forth with their trades.

The Twin-Elven Kingdoms of Quel’thalas and Queleos’nira are ruled over by the Lord of Leaves deep within the woodland regions of Noma. The elves of these two kingdoms have only recently allowed outsiders to enter their woods but not their cities.

The Southern area of Noma has recently been attacked by the Devinter Imperium who have annexed the region around Pentaglow for themselves. In response to this attack, the Noma army have formed a blockade in the narrow pass to prevent the Imperial Legions from progressing any further north.

Noma Campaign

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